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Prepare Accounts For Reporting To Credit Bureau

When you choose this option in your batch processing, accounts are prepared for credit bureau reporting.

This process should only be used on NEW accounts that have not been previously reported UNLESS you specifically want to use batch processing to change the CBR status on a volume of accounts (for instance, sending them as " Delete from bureau.")

This function creates a Metro Contact for each account that you have tagged and applies the settings you chose for reporting to credit bureaus when you setup Credit Bureau reporting.

tip.gif Before choosing Prepare Accounts For Reporting to Credit Bureau, setup the details of your reporting specifications using the Credit Bureau Setup form, the Credit Report Preferences form and the information given you by your credit reporting agency. It is your responsibility to fill in the appropriate information.

You can review your settings in the Select Bureau Report Details form that displays during the Batch Processing routine. Changes can be made in this form to override the defaults you set in the Credit Report Preferences form.

Credit Reporting Process

warning.gif WARNING: Reporting credit is a legal matter. You are responsible for ensuring that the information you are sending is accurate and complete. Do not report credit without being ABSOLUTELY SURE about your legal rights and the legal rights of the person or entity you are reporting.

When you select START, Collect! prepares information in the tagged accounts. By doing this, the next time you create a set of files for the credit bureaus, this batch of accounts will be reported along with all other accounts also being reported.

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Sending Files To Credit Bureaus

After this process is finished, you will be able to create the file or files to send to the credit bureau(s). You do not need to create the files right away, but can select more batches of accounts to send. When you are ready to run your credit bureau report, select Tools, Credit Bureau Reporting to bring up the Report to Credit Bureaus form.

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