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Reassign Operator With Contact Plan

This topic steps you through creating a contact plan to reassign accounts to a different operator based on debtor criteria. It requires familiarity with creating contact plans.

This example will assign accounts to JC based on the criterion New York.

tip.gif Make sure that you have already set up an Operator form for the new operator you want to assign to your accounts.

Please be aware that changing the Operator ID on an account also assigns any In Progress contacts to the new Operator ID if they were assigned to the account's previous Operator. Contacts that are Completed or assigned to a different Operator ID will not be affected.

The simplest way to reassign accounts is to simply open each account that you want to reassign and select the new Operator ID from the pick list for the Operator field on the Debtor form. Another method is using a contact plan. Please refer to How To Design New Contact Plans if you are not familiar with creating contact plans.

1. From the top menu bar, select Options and then select Contact Plans from the drop-down choices. This will display a submenu.

2. Select View to display the list of contact plans. Select the New button at the bottom of the list or press F3 to create a new contact plan. This will open a blank Contact Plan form.

3. Type a unique 3 character name or number into the field labeled Code. Enter a brief explanation in the field labeled Description.

4. Press F5 to activate the Events subform and select YES to create a new Event.

5. Select Operator from the pick list on the field labeled Type.

6. Select the radio button labeled Assign to specific operator so that a dot appears in it. This makes the Operator field visible. Select the new Operator ID from the pick list attached to the Operator field.

For this example, select JC from the list.

7. In the first field next to the label Schedule if, select the down arrow to view the list of fields. Select the criterion you are going to use, or begin typing in the field code, if you already know what it is.

8. In the second field enter the "If" condition that must be satisfied to use this criterion.

9. In the third field(s) enter the Value, or range of Values, to use when comparing fields to see if they satisfy the condition.

For this example, type in in the first field, = in the second field, and then NY or New York in third field (depending how your states are entered.)

Operator Assignment Event based on State

10. Select OK or press F8 to close the Operator Event and return to the Contact Plan form. It should resemble the following screen shot.

Operator Assignment Contact Plan

11. Select OK or press F8 to close the Contact Plan form and again to close the list of contact plans.

There are several ways to run this contact plan.

1. This plan can be run on an account directly when you are viewing the account. Select the button labeled Action and select the contact plan to run it.

2 Or, type the contact plan's Code into the small Action box to the right of the field labeled Summary.

3. This plan can also be run through a batch process on specific accounts. Collect! will provide a summary of how many accounts the plan ran on. Please see Batch Process Contact Plan for details.

Any In Progress contacts on these accounts for the previous operator will now show in the new operator's WIP list.

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