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Assign Accounts To A Client

Collect!'s batch processing function enables you to assign a batch of accounts to a client. This is very useful if you have accounts with no client selected, accounts that have just been imported, or accounts that you wish to move from one client to another in your system.

Batch assigning accounts to clients uses the Client Number to match. It is assumed that the Client Number is unique.

tip.gif As this is a rather demanding process, temporarily locking clients and debtors during reassignment, it is recommend that you do it when you are signed in using Exclusive mode.

To assign or reassign accounts to a client:

1. When no one else is using Collect!, exit the program, sign in using Exclusive mode and stop at the Main Menu.

2. Select Tools from the top menu bar and then select Batch Processing from the drop-down choices. This will display the Batch Processing form.

3. Using your mouse or the spacebar, select the radio button labeled Assign accounts to a client. Select the NEXT button. This will display the Select Accounts To Process form.

tip.gif The Select Accounts To Process form gives you several options for selecting the accounts you want to assign to the client. Please press F1 for help on this form.

4. After you have selected your accounts, select the NEXT button. This will display the Select Client to Assign form.

Select Client To Assign

5. Select the down arrow beside the 'Assign accounts to client' field to open the list of clients. Locate the client that you want to assign accounts to and select it so that the correct client number appears in the field. Select the NEXT button. The Assign Account Client form will appear.

Assign Account Client

6. If you are ready to run the batch process, select the START button. Otherwise, you may use the BACK button to revisit and/or revise your settings before making any changes to the database.

When you select the START button, Collect! will quickly perform the account assignment.

Running Assign Account Client Batch

7. When the task is completed, Collect! will inform you of success, indicating the number of accounts that were assigned and the elapsed time.

Account Client Assignment Completed

8. Select OK to close the message window and then select Close to close the Batch Processing window. Examine your accounts to make sure that the client assignment results are as you expected.

Tips For Selecting Accounts

You can also open a Client and tag Debtors that way. However, you have to close the Client form before proceeding with the batch process.

After you have tagged your accounts, close the Client form and select Browse -> all Debtors from the top menu bar. Then select Edit -> View Tags. Verify that you are looking at the accounts you want to re-assign.

Begin your batch process with "Tag individual records" chosen. You can just press NEXT at this point and Collect! will process your tagged accounts.

tip.gif Please do not leave the Client form open when you start your batch process or you may not get the results you are trying to obtain.

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