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How To Get Help With Contact Plans

This topic gives you very important step by step instructions for sending information to Technical Services when you need help with your contact plans or when you are requesting a custom plan.

What We Need To See

tip.gif Before your request or problem is addressed, Technical Services will ask that you supply the following information. We cannot proceed until we have this information.

To help you, we need to see:

1. The version and build of your Collect! application.

What version of Collect! are you running? Please pull down the Help menu at the top right of the Collect! screen and choose ABOUT. You will see the VERSION and BUILD that you are running displayed at the top of the box About Collect!

2. A sample of your contact plan attached to an email as an exported contact plan with .cpl extension.

3. A flow chart of the actions you want your plan to perform and the conditions it must handle. ("what if's") This information can be included in the email.

The steps outlined below will help you provide Technical Services with required information.

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Exporting Your Contact Plan

If we have the actual contact plan, we can test it here and make modifications easily, if necessary.

Follow the instructions below to export your contact plan and email it to Technical Services.

1. Select System from the top menu bar and then select Contact Management Settings.

2. Choose Export Contact Plan.

3. Give your exported contact plan a name with a *.cpl extension.

tip.gif All exported contact plans have a CPL extension. However, system security sometimes prevents emailing CPL files. You can either zip the file or rename the extension to *.txt and Collect! Technical Services can change the extension back to *.cpl when we receive the file.

See How To Export A Contact Plan for details about creating this *.cpl file and attaching it to an email by selecting the link below.

4. Email the exported contact plan to Comtech Systems along with your flow chart and comments.

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Email Information And Files

Send an email to Technical Services to initiate communication using the link below. Be sure to enter an appropriate description in the Email Subject or your request will be rejected.


tip.gif Fax additional information or attach it to your email along with the exported contact plan.

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Getting A Response

A support ticket will be created as a result of your email. Collect! Technical Services will normally acknowledge use this ticket to confirm receipt of your information and files and communicate with you. We will advise you when we have examined the data you supply to us and have determined the steps needed for you to remedy the situation.

Please allow a reasonable amount of time to handle your request. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible, so please refrain from phoning while we are looking into your information.

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When Technical Services Sends You A Reply

Technical Services may email your contact plan to you with any additional information that is necessary. Please refer to How To Import A Contact Plan for information on getting your completed contact plan into Collect!

Test your new plan in your demonstration database to ensure that it performs as you require.

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This procedure is the most efficient way to solve problems. Technical Services can often quickly determine what needs to be changed, when we see your contact plan and flow chart, without having any personal conversations with you. Please be sure that you are sending the correct plan and don't forget to include a flow chart with comments detailing the problem areas or changes that you need.

tip.gif You should use the same procedure when requesting custom contact plans from an existing contact plan template.

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