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How To Send Email As HTML

This topic gives you the steps for sending email content as HTML. This requires experience creating reports in Collect! and familiarity with the HTML language and creating HTML pages.

Sending reports to your clients as HTML enables you to design reports using columns or tables. Format them to display nicely as HTML and they will retain their spacing and columns when printed to email.

tip.gif You must be using SMTP. This feature is not enabled for MAPI. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a standard mail transfer that Collect! uses to enable the HTML Email feature. Please refer to How To Setup Sending Email In Collect! for setup details.

You must be sure the first line of your report is <html> so the email engine can apply the HTML Content Type header.

To use this feature with Client reports:

1. In Collect!, select System from the top menu bar and then select Operators from the drop-down choices.

2. Select the operator who will be printing to email so that you can view the Operator form settings.

3. Make sure that the field labeled Enable SMTP is switched ON with a check mark so that this operator ID uses SMTP as the email transfer protocol.

4. Using Collect!'s Report Writer, create a report that starts on Client.

5. Manually code the HTML into the report body just as you would to create a web page, making sure that the first line of the report is <html>. Use printable information codes to pull information from the database just as you would in a normal report. You can wrap these codes in HTML for formatting tables, and columns.

6. Select one or more clients and make sure their email addresses are valid.

7. Select Print from the top menu bar and then select the HTML report you want to print.

8. When the Print Report form displays, select Email as the destination for the report's output.

tip.gif When a report has zero output, Collect! will not send an email. This works nicely with batch printing to your clients. You can confidently select your clients and print to email knowing that only those clients that have report output will be emailed. Clients with no data to report will not be emailed.

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