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Import Notes

The Notes Record Type is used to write a line to the Client or Debtor's Notes during the import process. You can use information from the data source, or create a Note based on defaults that you set in the import map's Import Record Definition for the Notes.

tip.gif The Notes Record may be used for importing either Client or Debtor Notes.

Select the Notes Record Type to view a list of all the Notes fields that may be referenced in an import routine.

View Notes Fields

Note Date/Time Stamp

Notes will display in sorted order if you create a proper Date/Time stamp when importing the Notes. Please refer to sample Notes import maps or request assistance from Member Services.

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Client Notes

Collect! ships with a sample import map and report for importing and exporting Client Notes. You can also download them from the Collect! Member Center.

Download Client Related Records Transfer

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View Field Lists

Click on the links to view tables of Field Types for the specific Record Types that Import/Export processes. These tables give additional information, such as the exact fields and forms in Collect! referenced by each field type, the type of data in the field, and the size of each field.

View Accumulator Fields

View Attachment Fields

View Client Fields

View Client Attachment Fields

View Client Contact Fields

View Contact Fields

View Debtor Fields

View Debtor Cosigner Fields

View Notes Fields

View Payment Fields

View Transaction Fields

View Phone Fields

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