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Debtor Fields

These are the Data Fields that are associated with the Debtor Record.

Each Data Field has its own FIELD INDEX within the record. Each Data Field has a set maximum character WIDTH as well as the TYPE of data the field can contain.

The Debtor record also has fields that contain different Sub Indexes. The Sub Index relates to a subform on the debtor. Refer to the Sub Index Appendix.

Debtor Field Types
FieldRecordField indexSub indexTypeWidthDescription
NameDebtor02String62Debtor's name as Last First Initials
Legal entityDebtor12Integer15Legal entity such as Inc. or Ltd.
ContactDebtor22String62Contact's name for the account
GenerationDebtor32String15Generation of contact person such as Sr.
AddressDebtor42String40Debtor's address
Street numberDebtor52String11Street number of address
Address OKDebtor62Integer1Switch for letter printing to Debtor
Addr 1Debtor72String63Debtor's address
CityDebtor82String31City Name
StateDebtor92String31State Name or Code
ZipDebtor102String14Zip or Postal Code
CountryDebtor112String31Country Name
TimezoneDebtor122Integer4Debtor's Time Zone
SSNDebtor132String31Debtor's Social Security Number
DLDebtor142String31Driver's License Number
DOBDebtor152Long8Debtor's Date of Birth as MM/DD/YYYY
HomeDebtor162String23Debtor's home phone number
Home extensionDebtor172String7Debtor's home phone extension
POE#Debtor182String14Debtor's work phone number
Work extensionDebtor192String7Debtor's work phone extension
CellDebtor202String23Debtor's cell phone number
Cell extensionDebtor212String7Debtor's cell phone extension
OtherDebtor222String23Debtor's alternate phone number
Other extensionDebtor232String7Debtor's alternate phone extension
EmailDebtor242String63Debtor's email address
POEDebtor252String31Debtor's place of employment
User 1Debtor262String31User field
User 2Debtor272String31User field
*ClientDebtor282String62Client's name
Client numberDebtor292Long8Client number assigned by Collect!
AcctDebtor302String31Reference number assigned by the Client
MasterDebtor312Integer4Master client for this Debtor
ForwardDebtor322Long8Client to whom account can be forwarded
LegalDebtor332Long8Attorney to whom account can be forwarded
ChargedDebtor342Long8Original date that debt was incurred
DelnqntDebtor352Long8Date account went delinquent
ListedDebtor362Long8Date the account was listed as MM/DD/YYYY
TypeDebtor382String3Define your own types of debts
ModeDebtor392String2Mode of the account
StatusDebtor402String8Status of the account
Street TypeDebtor412Integer5Optional street type
WorkedDebtor422Long8Date debtor was last worked
Worked timeDebtor432Long8 
ScoreDebtor442Long10Optional credit score
OperatorDebtor452String7Operator assigned to the account
SalesDebtor462String7Salesperson assigned to the account
RateDebtor472Double8Current commission rate
PrincipalDebtor482Double15The amount of the original debt
JudgementDebtor492Double12Judgement amount
+InterestDebtor502Double15Total of the original and accrued interest
+FeesDebtor512Double15Summary of all fee transactions
+Legal feesDebtor522Double15Summary of all Legal fee transactions
+MiscellaneousDebtor532Double15Summary of all Miscellaneous type transactions
+Other chargesDebtor542Double15Summary of all Other type transactions
+AdjustmentsDebtor552Double15Sum of all adjustment transactions
+PaidDebtor562Double15Amount paid by Debtor
+OwingDebtor572Double15Total amount owing
SummaryDebtor592String126Summary line for pertinent information
ActionDebtor602String7Code of contact plan to run on this debtor
FileDebtor612Long9Unique number calculated by Collect!
GroupDebtor622Long5Group number
Group memberDebtor632Integer3Group member number
PaymentDebtor642Long8Date of last payment
+NextDebtor652Long8Next payment due date
+PromiseDebtor662Long8Next promise payment due date
Original InterestDebtor782Double9Amount of original interest
Interest DateDebtor792Long8Date used to calculate interest when importing
Interest RateDebtor802Double8Interest rate used when importing
AccruedDebtor812Double12Total interest accrued on the debt
Legal CostsDebtor822Double9Total legal costs for the account
Report CreditDebtor832Integer1Credit reporting switch
Edit DateDebtor842Long10 
Client User 1Debtor862String63 
+30 DaysDebtor872Double1530 days overdue amount
+60 DaysDebtor882Double1560 days overdue amount
+90 DaysDebtor892Double1590 days overdue amount
+Over 90Debtor902Double15Over 90 days overdue amount
UIDDebtor912Long7***Internal Use Only
Summary FlagsDebtor1142Integer4 
Comm Rate OptionDebtor1162Long8 
BankDebtor03String63Debtor's bank name and/or address
BranchDebtor13String20Debtor's bank branch name and/or address
AccountDebtor23String20Debtor's bank account number
Transit numberDebtor33String31Debtor's bank transit number
Detail 1Debtor43String32 
Detail 2Debtor53String32 
Detail 3Debtor63String31 
Detail 4Debtor73String31 
ClerkDebtor83String7Person who can handle the Banking info on the Debtor
AccessDebtor93String7Person/Team who can only access the debtor
CreatedDebtor103Long8***Internal Use Only
CtimeDebtor113Long8***Internal Use Only
CbyDebtor123String7***Internal Use Only
ModifiedDebtor133Long8***Internal Use Only
MtimeDebtor143Long8***Internal Use Only
MbyDebtor153String7***Internal Use Only
Judgement interestDebtor14Double12Judgement interest in dollars
Interest typeDebtor24Integer4Interest detail settings
Compound typeDebtor34Integer4Interest detail settings
Annual interest rateDebtor44Double8Interest rate
PeriodDebtor54Integer8Interest detail settings
Rate basisDebtor64Integer4Interest detail settings
Calculate interest from dateDebtor74Long8Date to start interest calculation from
Set terms manuallyDebtor84Integer1Interest detail settings
Late fees applyDebtor94Integer1Interest detail settings
Grace period daysDebtor104Integer4Interest detail settings
Lesser ofDebtor114Integer1Interest detail settings
Greater ofDebtor124Integer1Interest detail settings
Late fee amountDebtor134Double9Interest detail settings
Late fee percentDebtor144Double8Interest detail settings
Compound unpaid interestDebtor154Integer1Interest detail settings
Calculate delinquency dateDebtor164Integer1Interest detail settings
Payment periodDebtor174Integer8Interest detail settings
TermDebtor184Integer4Interest detail settings
Payment amountDebtor194Double15Interest detail settings
First payment dateDebtor204Long8Interest detail settings
Total plan paymentsDebtor214Double15Interest detail settings
+Accrued interestDebtor224Double15Interest detail settings
Early payoff discountDebtor234Double15Interest detail settings
Early payoff savingsDebtor244Double15Interest detail settings
Early payoff amountDebtor254Double15Interest detail settings
+Total interestDebtor264Double15Interest detail settings
Delayed paymentsDebtor274Integer1Interest detail settings
No additional interestDebtor304Integer1Switch indicating no additional interest
Simple interestDebtor314Integer1Indicates simple interest calculation
Compound interestDebtor324Integer1Indicates compound interest calculation
Revolving compound interestDebtor334Integer1Indicates revolving compound interest
Preamortized loan - rule of 78Debtor344Integer1Indicates preamortized loan - rule of 78
Preamortized loan - normalDebtor354Integer1Indicates preamortized loan - normal
365 daysDebtor364Integer1Indicates 365 day calculating period
360 daysDebtor374Integer1Indicates 360 day calculation
OrdinaryDebtor384Integer1Indicates 12 month year calculation; not by days
Original principalDebtor05Double12Original principal amount
+Principal paid to dateDebtor15Double12Financial detail settings
Judgement dateDebtor25Long8Judgement date as MM/DD/YY
Judgement principalDebtor35Double15Judgement amount
+Total legal costsDebtor45Double11Financial detail settings
+Judgement Paid To DateDebtor55Double12Financial detail settings
CurrencyDebtor65Long8Financial detail settings
Show 30/60/90Debtor75Integer1Indicates 30/60/90 display and calculation
+Judgement FeesDebtor95Double15Financial detail settings
+Judgement LegalDebtor105Double15Financial detail settings
+Judgement MiscDebtor115Double15Financial detail settings
+Judgement OtherDebtor125Double15Financial detail settings
+Judgement BalanceDebtor135Double15Financial detail settings
+Judge Princ PaidtodateDebtor145Double15Financial detail settings
+Judge Int PaidtodateDebtor155Double15Financial detail settings
+Judge Fee PaidtodateDebtor165Double15Financial detail settings
+Judge Legal PaidtodateDebtor175Double15Financial detail settings
+Judge Misc PaidtodateDebtor185Double15Financial detail settings
+Judge Other PaidtodateDebtor195Double15Financial detail settings
Commission rate planDebtor16String3Rate plan code
Referral rateDebtor26Double8Referral rate
Tax rateDebtor36Double8Tax rate
Tax exemptDebtor46Integer1Set tax exempt
Same address as main debtorDebtor47Integer1Cosigner Address switch
Debtor feeDebtor030Double9Debtor fee
+Fees paid to dateDebtor130Double9Fees and charges totals
+Total feesDebtor230Double9Fees and charges totals
Client feeDebtor330Double9Client fee
Add commission to owingDebtor430Integer1Add commission to owing switch
+Commission to dateDebtor530Double9Fees and charges totals
NameDebtor031Integer1Group member settings
ContactDebtor131Integer1Group member settings
AddressDebtor231Integer1Group member settings
PhonesDebtor331Integer1Group member settings
SSNDebtor431Integer1Group member settings
DOBDebtor531Integer1Group member settings
DLDebtor631Integer1Group member settings
POEDebtor731Integer1Group member settings
Address 1Debtor1231String35Group member settings
PhonesDebtor1331String13Group member settings
Work PhoneDebtor1431String13Group member settings
MemberDebtor2031Integer3Group member settings
WorkedDebtor3031Integer1Group member settings
StatusDebtor3131Integer1Group member settings
Exclude from group totalsDebtor3231Integer1Group member settings
*NumberDebtor432Long8Internal Client's ID number
ActiveDebtor532String2*** Internal use only
Group IDDebtor1132Long8*** Internal use only
+TotalsDebtor17161Double12*** Internal use only
+LegalDebtor8175Double15*** Internal use only
+MiscDebtor9175Double15*** Internal use only
+OtherDebtor10175Double15*** Internal use only
Number 1Debtor0197Long8Misc user defined field
Number 2Debtor1197Long8Misc user defined field
Date 1Debtor2197Long8Misc user defined field
Date 2Debtor3197Long8Misc user defined field
Amount 1Debtor4197Double9Misc user defined field
Amount 2Debtor5197Double9Misc user defined field
Estimated TimeDebtor6197Long8Misc user defined field
Elapsed TimeDebtor7197Long8Misc user defined field
Risk ScoreDebtor8197Integer4Misc user defined field
Process IdDebtor9197Long8Misc user defined field
Process StepDebtor10197Long8Misc user defined field
Switch 1Debtor11197Integer1Misc user defined field
Switch 2Debtor12197Integer1Misc user defined field
Switch 3Debtor13197Integer1Misc user defined field
Switch 4Debtor14197Integer1Misc user defined field
Switch 5Debtor15197Integer1Misc user defined field
Switch 6Debtor16197Integer1Misc user defined field
Switch 7Debtor17197Integer1Misc user defined field
Switch 8Debtor18197Integer1Misc user defined field

Debtor Sub Index Appendix
Sub Index NumberForm/Tab Sub Index NumberForm/Tab
Sub Index 2Debtor Sub Index 6Commission Rates
Sub Index 3Debtor Detail Sub Index 30Fees and Charges
Sub Index 4Interest Detail Sub Index 31Group Member Settings
Sub Index 5Financial Detail Sub Index 197Misc Tab
*** NOTE: Other Sub Indices relate to settings that may Exported if needed.


* These fields are fields from related records.
+ Collect! automatically calculates this value from the transactions. Use only for export.
** For efficiency, use only for exporting.

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