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Contact Fields

These are the Data Fields that are associated with the Contact Record.

Each Data Field has its own FIELD INDEX within the record. Each Data Field has a set maximum character WIDTH as well as the TYPE of data the field can contain.

The Contact record also contains virtual links which can be used to append the Contact to the correct Debtor.

Contact Field Types
FieldRecordField indexSub indexTypeWidthDescription
DebtorContact029String62Debtor to be contacted
TypeContact129Integer4Type of contact
Due dateContact229Long8Scheduled date for contact
TimeContact329Long8Scheduled time for contact
PriorityContact429Integer2Priority level of contact
DataContact529String39Metafile attached to contact
AttachmentContact629String62File attached to contact
DescriptionContact729String79Description of contact
CollectorContact829String7Operator assigned to contact
AmountContact929Double9Dollar amount of promise contact
ElapsedContact1129Long8Time spent on the contact
RepeatContact1229Integer4Controls automatically repeating contacts
Number of daysContact1329Integer4Repeat contact after this number
ClassContact1429Integer4User defined field
Advance overpaymentsContact1529Integer1Used with Promise payments to breakdown overpayments
Do not autodeleteContact1629Integer1Switch to control contact
No autocompleteContact1729Integer1Switch to control contact
Record event historyContact1829Integer1Switch to control contact
In progressContact1929Integer1Indicates contact has not been done
CompletedContact2029Integer1Indicates contact has been completed
Assigned byContact2129String7Operator who assigned the contact
Done dateContact2329Long8Date contact was done
Done timeContact2429Long8Time contact was done
Done byContact2529String7Operator who did the contact
**ClientContact2729Long8The Client that the Debtor is assigned to
OriginatorContact2829String7Operator who created the contact
Created dateContact2929Long8Date contact was created
Created timeContact3029Long8Time contact was created
UIDContact5329Long7*** Internal Use Only
CreatedContact5429Long8*** Internal Use Only
CtimeContact5529Long8*** Internal Use Only
CbyContact5629String7*** Internal Use Only
ModifiedContact5729Long8*** Internal Use Only
MtimeContact5829Long8*** Internal Use Only
MbyContact5929String7*** Internal Use Only
C1Contact6029Integer4Category field
C2Contact6129Integer4Category field
C3Contact6229Integer4Category field
EstimateContact6329Long8*** Internal Use Only
BlobContact6429Long *** Internal Use Only
Create copy on repeatContact6529Integer1Switch used with repeating contacts
Log repeat to notesContact6629Integer1Switch used with repeating contacts

Virtual LinksIf you use one of these virtual fields in your import, make sure that 'Use as key to find existing' is switched OFF (no check mark).
FieldRecordField indexSub indexTypeWidthDescription
*FileContact4629Long9Debtor's file number
*Home PhoneContact4729String23Debtor's home phone
*Work PhoneContact4829String14Debtor's work phone
*Client Account #Contact4929String31Debtor's client account number
*ContactContact5029String62Contact person for debtor
*DLContact5129String31Debtor's driver's license
*SSNContact5229String31Debtor's social security number
Number of paymentsContact6829Integer6 
*DateContact068Long10Schedule next contact
*Advance on overpaymentContact468Integer1Schedule next contact
*OperatorContact668String7Schedule next contact


* These fields are fields from related records.
** For efficiency, use only for exporting.
+ Collect! automatically calculates this value from the transactions. Use only for export.

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