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Transaction Fields

These are the Data Fields that are associated with the Transaction Record.

Each Data Field has its own FIELD INDEX within the record. Each Data Field has a set maximum character WIDTH as well as the TYPE of data the field can contain.

The Transaction record also has fields that contain different Sub Indexes. The Sub Index relates to a subform on the Transaction. Refer to the Sub Index Appendix.

The Transaction record also contains Virtual Links which can be used to append the Transaction to the correct Debtor.

Transaction Field Types
FieldRecordField indexSub indexTypeWidthDescription
DebtorTransaction08String62Debtor account transaction pertains to
TypeTransaction38String10The type of transaction
PaymentTransaction48Integer1Indicates a payment
InterestTransaction58Integer1Indicates interest
FeeTransaction68Integer1Indicates fee
AdjustmentTransaction78Integer1Indicates adjustment
PrincipalTransaction88Integer1Indicates principal
To usTransaction98Double15Amount paid to the agency
DirectTransaction108Double15Amount paid to the Client
DescriptionTransaction128String126The description of the transaction
Payment dateTransaction138Long8 The date of the payment as MM/DD/YYYY
Posted dateTransaction148Long8 The date payment was posted as MM/DD/YYYY
OperatorTransaction158String8The collector who is credited with the transaction
SalesTransaction168String8The sales team credited with the transaction
Commission rateTransaction178Double8Commission rate for the transaction
Commission amountTransaction188Double15The dollar amount of the commission
Tax rateTransaction198Double8Tax rate for tax charged on commission
TaxTransaction208Double15The amount of tax charged on the commission
User 1Transaction218String31User field
User 2Transaction228String31User field
User 3Transaction238String31User field
User 4Transaction248String31User field
User 5Transaction258String31User field
User 6Transaction268String31User field
AttachmentTransaction278String31Name of file attached to transaction
Omit from client statementTransaction288Integer1Indicates omit from statement
Omit from daily cash reportTransaction298Integer1Indicates don't include in daily cash report
Don't calculate commissionTransaction308Integer1Indicates no commission calculation
Don't calculate taxTransaction318Integer1Indicates no tax calculation
CurrencyTransaction328Long8Currency payment was made in
To currencyTransaction338Long8Client's statement currency
Exchange rateTransaction348Double15Exchange rate when transaction is posted
To principalTransaction358Double15Amount assigned to debtor's principal
To interestTransaction368Double15Amount assigned to debtor's interest
To feesTransaction378Double15Amount assigned to debtor's fees
Receipt numberTransaction388Long10Receipt number assigned to transaction
Invoice numberTransaction398Long10Invoice number assigned to transaction
Financial typeTransaction448Integer4 
To legalTransaction458Double15 
To miscTransaction468Double15 
To otherTransaction478Double15 
To adjustmentTransaction488Double15 
Use confirmation delayTransaction558Integer1 
Confirmation #Transaction588String63 
Created timeTransaction708Long8 
Posted byTransaction718String7 
User 7Transaction888String63 
Commission Rate 1Transaction898Double9 
Commission Rate 2Transaction908Double9 
Commission Rate 3Transaction918Double9 
Tax Rate 1Transaction928Double9 
Tax Rate 2Transaction938Double9 
Tax Rate 3Transaction948Double9 
Comm PrincTransaction8166Double9 
Comm InterestTransaction9166Double9 
Comm FeesTransaction10166Double9 
Comm LegalTransaction11166Double9 
Comm MiscTransaction12166Double9 
Comm OtherTransaction13166Double9 
Princ TaxTransaction14166Double9 
Int TaxTransaction15166Double9 
Legal TaxTransaction17166Double9 
Misc TaxTransaction18166Double9 
Other TaxTransaction19166Double9 
Tax AmountTransaction25166Double9 
Debtor exchange rateTransaction0173Double9 
Actual currencyTransaction2173Long8 
Debtor currencyTransaction3173Long8 
Agency exchange rateTransaction8173Double9 
To agencyTransaction9173Double9 
Agency account currencyTransaction10173Long4 
To usTransaction11173Integer1 

Transaction Sub Index Appendix
Sub Index NumberForm/Tab Sub Index NumberForm/Tab
Sub Index 8Transaction Sub Index 166Breakdown
Sub Index 165Trans Detail Sub Index 173Multi Currency

Virtual LinksIf you use one of these virtual fields in your import, make sure that 'Use as key to find existing' is switched OFF (no check mark).
FieldRecordField indexSub indexTypeWidthDescription
*FileTransaction28Long9The Collect! file number of the Debtor
*ContactTransaction18String62Contact person for debtor
*Home PhoneTransaction598String23Debtor's home phone
*Work PhoneTransaction608String14Debtor's work phone
*Client Account #Transaction618String31Reference number assigned by the Client
*DLTransaction628String31Debtor's driver's license
*SSNTransaction638String31Debtor's social security number
+Owing before transactionTransaction428Double15 
+Owing after transactionTransaction438Double15 
**ClientTransaction658Long8The Client that the Debtor is assigned to


* These fields are fields from related records.
** For efficiency, use only for exporting.
+ Collect! automatically calculates this value from the transactions. Use only for export.

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