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Client Contact Fields

These are the Data Fields that are associated with the Client Contacts Record.

Each Data Field has its own FIELD INDEX within the record. Each Data Field has a set maximum character WIDTH as well as the TYPE of data the field can contain.

The Client Contact record also contains virtual links which can be used to append the Contact to the correct Client.

Client Contact Field Types
FieldRecordField indexSub indexTypeWidthDescription
ClientClient Contact0177String62Client to be contacted
TypeClient Contact1177Integer4Type of contact
ClassClient Contact2177Integer4User defined field
Due dateClient Contact3177Long8Scheduled date for contact
TimeClient Contact4177Long8Scheduled time for contact
PriorityClient Contact5177Integer2Priority level of contact
DescriptionClient Contact6177String79Description of contact
DataClient Contact7177String39Metafile attached to contact
AttachmentClient Contact8177String62File attached to contact
CollectorClient Contact9177String6Operator assigned to contact
AmountClient Contact10177Double9Dollar amount of promise contact
ElapsedClient Contact11177Long8Time spent on the contact
RepeatClient Contact12177Integer4Controls automatically repeating contacts
Number of daysClient Contact13177Integer4Repeat contact after this number
Advance overpaymentsClient Contact14177Integer1Used with Promise payments to breakdown overpayments
Do not autodeleteClient Contact15177Integer1Switch to control contact
Do not autocompleteClient Contact16177Integer1Switch to control contact
In progressClient Contact17177Integer1Indicates contact has not been done
CompletedClient Contact18177Integer1Indicates contact has been completed
Assigned byClient Contact19177String7Operator who assigned the contact
DoneClient Contact20177Integer4 
Done dateClient Contact21177Long8Date contact was done
Done timeClient Contact22177Long8Time contact was done
Done byClient Contact23177String7Operator who did the contact
OriginatorClient Contact25177String7Operator who created the contact
Created dateClient Contact26177Long8Date contact was created
Created timeClient Contact27177Long8Time contact was created
EstimateClient Contact44177Long8*** Internal Use Only
UIDClient Contact47177Long7*** Internal Use Only
CreatedClient Contact48177Long8*** Internal Use Only
CtimeClient Contact49177Long8*** Internal Use Only
CbyClient Contact50177String7*** Internal Use Only
ModifiedClient Contact51177Long8*** Internal Use Only
MtimeClient Contact52177Long8*** Internal Use Only
MbyClient Contact53177String7*** Internal Use Only
C1Client Contact54177Integer4Category field
C2Client Contact55177Integer4Category field
C3Client Contact56177Integer4Category field
BlobClient Contact57177Long *** Internal Use Only

Virtual LinksIf you use one of these virtual fields in your import, make sure that 'Use as key to find existing' is switched OFF (no check mark).
FieldRecordField indexSub indexTypeWidthDescription
*FileClient Contact45177Long8Client's file number
*Home PhoneClient Contact46177String14Client's phone number


* These fields are fields from related records.
** For efficiency, use only for exporting.
+ Collect! automatically calculates this value. Use only for export.

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