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Client Fields

These are the Data Fields that are associated with the Client Record.

Each Data Field has its own FIELD INDEX within the record. Each Data Field has a set maximum character WIDTH as well as the TYPE of data the field can contain.

The Client record also has fields that contain different Sub Indexes. The Sub Index relates to a subform on the Client. Refer to the Sub Index Appendix.

Client Field Types
FieldRecordField indexSub indexTypeWidthDescription
Client #Client00Long8Client ID number
Alt Client #Client10String19Alternate Client ID
Owned by clientClient20Long8Owned by Client ID
NameClient30String62Name of client
D.B.A.Client40String62Doing business as
ContactClient50String62Contact person for this client
AddressClient60String40Mailing address of client
Street NoClient70String23Street number
Address 1Client80String32Another mailing address line
Address 2Client90String27Additional mailing address line
PhoneClient140String14Client's phone number
Phone ExtensionClient150String15Phone extension
FaxClient160String14Client's fax number
Fax ExtensionClient170String4Fax extension
OtherClient180String14Other phone
Other ExtensionClient190String15Other extension
CellClient200String14Client's cell phone number
Cell ExtensionClient210String15Cell extension
EmailClient220String63Client's email address
User 1Client230String63User field
User 2Client240String63User field
User 3Client250String63User field
User 4Client260String63User field
Listed dateClient270Long8User defined date field
Worked dateClient280Long8User defined date field
Active accountsClient290Long8Number of active accounts for this client
Closed accountsClient300Long8Number of closed accounts for this client
Other accountsClient310Long8Number of other accounts
+Total accountsClient320Long8Total number of accounts listed for this client
Success rateClient330Double8Success rate percentage
TimezoneClient340Integer4Client's time zone
TypeClient350Integer4User defined field
ClassClient360Integer4User defined field
CategoryClient370Integer4User defined field
StatusClient380String4Status code
+ListedClient390Double15Total dollar value listed for this client
+PaidClient400Double15Total amount paid by debtors listed for this client
+ClosedClient410Double15Total dollar value of closed accounts
+OwingClient420Double15Total amount owed by debtors for this client
NotesClient460Long Client notes
+PrincipalClient500Double15Total principal value
+InterestClient510Double15Total interest value
+FeesClient520Double15Total fees value
+Legal feesClient530Double15Total legal fees value
+MiscellaneousClient540Double15Total miscellaneous value
+Other chargesClient550Double15Total other charges
+AdjustmentsClient560Double15Total adjustments value
CreatedClient720Long8*** Internal Use Only
CtimeClient730Long8*** Internal Use Only
CbyClient740String7*** Internal Use Only
ModifiedClient750Long8*** Internal Use Only
MtimeClient760Long8*** Internal Use Only
MbyClient770String7*** Internal Use Only
C2Client780Integer5Category field
C3Client790Integer4Category field
UIDClient800Long7*** Internal Use Only
Client listed dateClient810Long8Client listed date
Comm Rate OptionsClient820Long8Commission rate options - bit value
Commission RateClient830Double9Comm rate
Commission Rate 1Client840Double9Comm rate 2
Commission Rate 2 Client850Double9Comm rate 3
Commission Rate 3Client860Double9Comm rate 4
Tax Rate OptionsClient870Long8Tax rate options - bit value
Tax RateClient880Double9Tax rate
Tax Rate 1Client890Double9Tax rate 2
Tax Rate 2Client900Double9Tax rate 3
Tax Rate 3Client910Double9Tax rate 4
Commission to dateClient920Double12Commission to date
OperatorClient930String7Operator assigned to this client
Run planClient940String8Run contact plan
Billing periodClient01Character1Billing period for this client
Combined invoiceClient11Integer1Indicates net/gross statement
Bill commission to debtorClient21Integer1Indicates add commission to debtor's owing
Client is tax exemptClient31Integer1Indicates client is tax exempt
Remit gross funds with invoiceClient41Integer1Indicates client is gross remit
Report accounts to bureausClient51Integer1Indicates client wants accounts reported
Send client detail to bureausClient61Integer1Indicates client details sent with credit reporting
Original creditor is in User 2Client71Integer1CBR setting for porfolios
Delinquent 31 days prior to listClient81Integer1Indicates automatic setting for delinquency
Calculate using all accountsClient91Character1Indicates calculation based on all accounts
Use closed accounts onlyClient101Character1Indicates calculation based on closed accounts
CustomClient111Character1Under development
ReportClient121String63Under development
Rate planClient131String3Commission rate plan code
No fixed feesClient141Character1Indicates no fixed fee set up
Charge fee to clientClient151Character1Indicates fixed fee charged to client
Charge fee to debtorClient161Character1Indicates fixed fee charged to debtor
Fixed feeClient171Double9Dollar amount of fixed fee
CurrencyClient181Long8Default currency for debtors for this client
Statement currencyClient191Long8Currency used on statements
Assign sales ID to new accountsClient201String7Indicates sales ID will be assigned to new accounts
Assign operator ID to accountsClient211String7Indicates operator ID will be assigned to new accounts
Contact plan for new accountsClient221String7Contact plan to run on new accounts
Bill client for negative To UsClient351Integer1Indicates statement setting for gross
Variable interest rates fileClient421String61Path to file containing variable interest rate schedule
Credit card convenience feesClient431Integer1Enable/disable for Billing Tree processing
ACH convenience feesClient441Integer1Enable/disable for Billing Tree processing
CAW enabledClient451Integer1Flag client for Client Access Web
Disable metafilesClient461Integer1Disable metafile creation for this client
Only payments for comm to dateClient471Integer1Commission calculation setting

Client Sub Index Appendix
Sub Index NumberForm/Tab
Sub Index 0Client form
Sub Index 1Client settings form

Virtual LinksIf you use one of these virtual fields in your import make sure that 'Use as key to find existing' is switched OFF (no check mark).
FieldRecordField indexSub indexTypeWidthDescription
*Debtor nameClient231Character1Debtor name
*Debtor accountClient241Character1Debtor account
*RateClient311Double9Percentage rate of commission
*Tax rateClient321Double9Rate for calculating tax on commissions
*Tax Rate 1Client361Double9Tax rate 1
*Tax Rate 2Client371Double9Tax rate 2
*Tax Rate 3Client381Double9Tax rate 3
*Commission Rate 1Client391Double9Commission rate 1
*Commission Rate 2Client401Double9Commission rate 2
*Commission Rate 3Client411Double9Commission rate 3


* These fields are fields from related records.
** For efficiency, use only for exporting.
+ Collect! automatically calculates this value from the transactions. Use only for export.

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