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Attachment Fields

These are the Data Fields that are associated with the Attachment Record.

Each Data Field has its own FIELD INDEX within the record. Each Data Field has a set maximum character WIDTH as well as the TYPE of data the field can contain.

The Attachment record also contains virtual links which can be used to append the Attachment to the correct Debtor.

Attachment Field Types
FieldRecordField indexSub indexTypeWidthDescription
ClassAttachment033Integer4Category for attachment
TypeAttachment133Integer4Further categorization for attachment
DescriptionAttachment233String131Description of attachment
Index 1Attachment333String31Indexed Information for quick access
Index 2Attachment433String31Indexed Information for quick access
Date 1Attachment533Long8Indexed date for quick access
Date 2Attachment633Long8Indexed date for quick access
Date 3Attachment733Long8Non-indexed date field
ValueAttachment833Integer5Numeric user field
FactorAttachment933Integer5Numeric user field
CreditsAttachment1033Double13Currency user field
DebitsAttachment1133Double13Currency user field
ResultAttachment1233Double13Numeric user field
User 8Attachment1333String31User field
User 9Attachment1433String31User field
User 10Attachment1533String31User field
User 11Attachment1633String31User field
User 12Attachment1733String31User field
User 13Attachment1833String31User field
User 14Attachment1933String31User field
User 15Attachment2033String63User field
User 16Attachment2133String63User field
User 17Attachment2233String63User field
User 18Attachment2333String63User field
User 19Attachment2433String63User field
User 20Attachment2533String64User field
User 21Attachment2633String31User field
FileAttachment2733String260Stores the path of a file
CreatedAttachment2833Long8*** Internal Use Only
Created ByAttachment2933String3*** Internal Use Only
ModifiedAttachment3033Long8*** Internal Use Only
Modified ByAttachment3133String3*** Internal Use Only
UIDAttachment5433Long7*** Internal Use Only
CbyAttachment5633String7*** Internal Use Only
MbyAttachment5733String7*** Internal Use Only
CategoryAttachment5833Integer4Category field
Category 1Attachment5933Integer4Category field
Category 2Attachment6033Integer4Category field

Virtual LinksIf you use one of these virtual fields in your import, make sure that 'Use as key to find existing' is switched OFF (no check mark).
FieldRecordField indexSub indexTypeWidthDescription
*HomeAttachment4733String23Debtor's home phone
*WorkAttachment4833String14Debtor's work phone
*Cl AcctAttachment4933String31Client account number
*Debtor file numberAttachment5033Long9Debtor's file number
*ContactAttachment5133String62Debtor's contact
*DLAttachment5233String31Debtor's driver's license
*SSNAttachment5333String31Debtor's social number


* These fields are fields from related records.
** For efficiency, use only for exporting.
+ Collect! automatically calculates this value from the transactions. Use only for export.

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