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How To Change Tab Order

It is easy to modify the Tab Order of any form in Collect!.

Open the form you want to modify and Right click. Select Tab Order from the popup menu. The list of all fields in the form will be displayed.

Press the spacebar on the item that you want to move. This is a special selection. Use the down and up arrows on the keyboard to move the selected field in the list. Press the spacebar again to deselect the field in its new position.

To change Tab Order for ALL users

Sign in as a user with User Level 99 and make the changes to the tab order. Your changes will be saved in a collect.tpr file in the CV11\config folder. This file will be read for each user who does not have their own configuration file and the tab order will be set.

To change Tab Order for ONE user

Sign in as the operator and make the desired changes. Your changes will be saved in an {opID}.tpr file in the CV11\config\{opID} folder. This file will be read when the operator signs in and the tab order will be set.

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