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Change Debtor Notes To Read Only

This document explains how to set up your access rights so that operators are allowed to add notes to the Debtor but are not allowed to edit existing notes or delete lines from the Notes.

Reading and writing to fields is controlled by access rights. The steps below show you how to change your access rights on the Debtor Notes field to Read Only. To follow these steps, you must be signed in using Exclusive mode as an operator with access to the Access Rights form.

1. Exit out of Collect!.

2. Sign into Collect! in EXCLUSIVE mode as an operator with User Level 99. Collect! ships with a 99 operator - ID 99 and Password 99, unless you have altered this.

3. Select System from the top menu bar and then select Rights from the drop-down choices. This will display a side menu. Select Access Rights. This will display the list of Access Rights for each form, field, button and menu item in Collect!.

4. Scroll down to 011000:Notes, or start typing 01100 in the Name column to scroll automatically. This is the Debtor Notes. Select it to display the Access Rights for 011000:Notes.

You will notice a Form Rights sub-window on this form. Scroll through the list of Levels displayed in the Form Rights window. These are user levels that have access rights set for the Debtor Notes field.

5. If the user level you wish to alter is in the list, select it and set the Rights field to Read Only.


If the user level you wish to alter is not in the list, select the NEW button to create a new Form Rights setting. An empty Forms Right window will be displayed. Set the Rights field to Read Only. Select the user level you wish to alter from the Level field pick list.

7. Select the OK button to close the Form Rights window.

8. If you wish to alter other user levels, select or create each one, as described above.

9. When you are finished, select OK until you are back at the Main Menu. Once you are at the Main Menu, you will need to rebuild your access rights. This is explained next.

10. Select System from the top menu bar and then select Rights from the drop-down choices. Select Access Rights from the side menu. Select the REBUILD button at the bottom of the Access Rights list. Select YES when prompted. Collect! will quickly update your access rights to include the new settings you have just made to the Debtor Notes.

11. When the Rebuild is complete, select OK to close the message window. Select OK to close the Access Rights list.

Now your Debtor Notes are set to Read Only for all operators with the user levels that you altered. When your operators sign back into Collect!, the new changes will take effect.

No Delete / No Access

No Delete and Read Only have very similar behavior when used as access rights for the notes. Both No Delete and Read Only allow you to add a line to top of the notes. With No Delete, you cannot backspace or change anything you have just entered. NO ACCESS is the only setting that makes the notes completely Read Only and not editable at all.

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Notes Tab

The Notes Tab (003068:Notes) is a different item in the Access Rights list and this must remain set at FULL access. So be sure that you only edit the field that is Access Rights item 011000:Notes, or you may experience unexpected results, like the Notes tab disappearing for view.

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Notes Greyed Out

You can make the Debtors' Notes truly Read Only by setting the access rights for 011000:Notes to NO ACCESS for the user level you want to restrict. Then the Notes will be visible in the Text Editor but the operator cannot make any changes or additions to them at all. When you do this, be sure to leave the access rights for the Notes tab, 003068:Notes, set to FULL access.

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Setting the Debtor Notes to Read Only allows an operator to add new notes but not to edit or delete existing note lines. Access rights for Notes are set in the Access Rights form for the Debtor Notes field. Each user level that you want to set must have Form Rights set to Read Only or No Delete as described in the steps above. If you want the Notes to be truly Read Only with no additions or modifications, you can set the access rights to No Access. Then your Access Rights must be rebuilt so that the changes will take effect.

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