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Changing Field Background Color

You can change the background color of fields in Collect!'s forms. Perhaps you want to draw the operator's attention to fields that must be filled in or updated. Or you may need to alert your operators when certain conditions occur on an account.

Field background color may be set globally using the Access Rights form. The background color set this way is seen by all user levels, EXCEPT User Level 99.

We will demonstrate this by changing the background color of the Debtor form's Home and Email fields, as shown below.

Debtor form with Background Color fields

Please refer to Preparing To Make Changes To Access Rights before you attempt to make any modifications to existing levels and settings.

1. Sign into Collect! in EXCLUSIVE mode at User Level 99.

2. Using one of the methods explained in Access Rights Basics, open the Access Rights form for the field whose background color you want to change. For this example, we are setting the color for the Debtor's Home field and the Debtor's Email field.

3. In the field labeled Alias, enter an Alias for the field. This is necessary for Collect! to read the color properties that we are going to set. The alias can be the same name as the field, unless there is a reason why you need to change the field's label.

4. In the field labeled Color, enter a valid six character RGB code in hexadecimal form, as in standard HTML color usage.

tip.gif You can refer to Color Chart for a sample list of colors to choose from.

For this example, we have changed the color of the Debtor's Home field to medium red, that is FF9999.

Setting the Color of the Debtor's Home field

5. Select OK to save your changes.

6. To set the color for another field, open the Access Rights form for the field and repeat the steps above.

For this example, we also changed the color of the Debtor's Email field to medium blue, that is 33CCCC.

Setting the Color of the Debtor's Email field

7. After you have finished making your changes, select System from the top menu bar and then select Rights, Access Rights. Select the REBUILD button to rebuild the access rights.

8. Sign out of Collect! and then sign in as a user level other than 99 to see the results of your changes.

tip.gif You can also use a pick list or a control file to change the field background color according to conditions that you set. These topics are beyond the scope of the present topic. Please refer to How To Set Field Or Form Properties for links to help topics that give details of using pick lists and control files.

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