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An Alias is a name you can use to override the default menu, form or field name. These aliases are set in the Access Rights and Form Rights forms.

The Access Rights list displays all items in Collect! that can have an Alias created for them. If you create an Alias for an item, the name you enter will replace the default name ordinarily displayed by Collect! for that item. The change will take effect the next time you sign into Collect!.

Aliases can be "global," created in the Access Rights form and affecting display for all users of any level. An Alias can also be created for a particular User Level through the Form Rights form or the Operator Level Rights form. If you are servicing different industries, you might find this aspect very useful.

warning.gif WARNING: If you decide to use aliases, DO NOT rebuild Access Rights or Printable Information lists when signed in as a User with aliases.

Making Aliases Visible

Aliases do not show up when you are signed in as a User Level 99. Use this level whenever you have to rebuild rights. In order to view aliases, sign out of Collect! and sign in as a User Level from 1 to 98.

Aliases assigned to a particular User Level will only be visible to operators signed on to Collect! with the particular User Level.

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