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Access Rights Topics

Access Rights Basics
Introduction/Accessing the Access Rights form.

Access Rights List
The list of all forms, fields and menu items in Collect!

Preparing To Make Changes To Access Rights
Explains getting ready to make changes to access rights.

Making Changes To Access Rights
Explains the methods you can use to make changes to access rights.

Rebuild Lists
Rebuilding the list of access rights for all forms and fields.

Form Rights Basics
Introduction/Accessing the Form Rights form.

User Level Basics
Introduction/Accessing the User Level list and the User Level form.

Operator Level Rights Basics
Introduction/Accessing the Operator Level Rights form.

Modifying Collect! Forms And Fields
Introduction to modifying form and field properties in Collect!

How To Set Field Or Form Properties
Topics for setting aliases, permissions and other properties.

Permissible User Functions
Explains the behavior of different permissible functions when applied to menus, forms or fields.

Disable CBR Tab
Setting access rights to No Access to disable the CBR tab for particular user levels.

Prevent User From Deleting Contacts
Explains how to set a User Level so that operators with that level cannot delete contacts.

Hiding Tabs on Debtor Screen
Explains how to hide the tabs on the Debtor screen.

Setting Access Rights to Group Members
Explains how to set access rights so that debtors cannot be deleted accidentally from the Group Members form. Also covers hiding the EDIT GROUP and CONTACT PLAN buttons from junior staff.

Security And Aliases Topics
Additional topics related to security and aliases.

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