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Collect! New Features

This table shows all recent builds and features in various Collect! versions. You can use it to see what we have been working on since your build. Features are a result of client feedback. Thank you for your input into Collect!.

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Collect! New Features
Version 11.6 Build 3 - August 3, 2016
Credit Bureau Reporting - Furnisher Data Reporting and Process Requirement ComplianceCredit Bureau Reporting
Web Host FeaturesWeb Host
Enhanced Dialer FunctionalityAutodialer
Version 11.6 Build 2 - July 7, 2013
19 New Fields Added to WIP ListAccount Management
TLS1.1 & TLS1.2 Now SupportedSecurity
Cascade Debtor Notes Across Group MembersAccount Management
Debtor Group Notes TabAccount Management
Scheduling BillingTree ReconciliationBatch Processing
Autodialer Softphone Accepts URL DialingAccount Management
1st day of month and last day of month repeat intervals on Contacts and Billing TreeAccount Management
Custom TCN Dialing OrderAccount Management
Version 11.6 Build 1 - March 6, 2013
Debtor Score Displayed in WIP ListAccount Management
Metafile Report ProcessingReports and Printing
Notes Date DisplayDisplay and Handling
Apply Client Settings on Import OptionsImport/Export
Set Time Zone for CosignersAccount Management
Set Time Zone for Phone RecordsAccount Management
Version 11.5 Build 3 - November 6, 2012
Custom Time Zone in WIP ListAccount Management
Report Prompt with Variable StringReport Writer
Export External LibrariesImport/Export
Web Dialer Send File NumberPredictive Dialer
Web Host File UploadWeb Host
New Report SamplesMember Center
Version 11.5 Build 2 - July 17, 2012
Max Intervals for PromisesFinancials
Apply to Client AccountsSecurity
Batchoff/Batchon CommandReport Writer
Restrict to Cosigner OnlyLetter Service
Billing Tree Password/PIN SettingsBilling Tree Service
New WidgetsMember Center
New Report SamplesMember Center
Version 11.5 Build 1 - February 22, 2012
Phone RecordAccount Management
Update Phone RecordsAccount Management
Import Phone RecordsImport/Export
Create Phone RecordsUpgrading
Locate Debtor with Google MapAccount Management / Widgets
Default Database to OpenDatabase and Environment
Use Control FileFinancials
Wider Operator IDOperator Management
Street TypeAccount Management
Client OperatorAccount Management
Run Plan on ClientContact Management
Mask Data Entry on PromptReport Writer
Set Font in ReportsReport Writer
Variable Assignment with FormattingReport Writer
Run Contact Plan in ReportReport Writer
Delete NotesReport Writer
Delete MetafilesReport Writer
No HTML WrapperReport Writer
No Note to FileAccount Management
Run Plan on Updated AccountsImport/Export
Web Host Test ModeWeb Host
Select Snapshot FolderDatabase and Environment
Operator Account Summary by Status CSVReport Samples
Database TransfersWidgets
Set Time Zone DST Widgets
Version 11.4 Build 3 - October 19, 2011
Log Debtor Detail to Notes Account Management
Letter Batch to Printer and EmailBatch Processing
Middle Names in ReportsReport Writer
Print Email to SMSReport Writer
Import Client ContactsImport/Export
Import Client PaymentsImport/Export
Client Management IncludedClient Management
Run Plan from Web HostWeb Host
Web Host Client AccessWeb Host
Client Related Records TransferWidgets
Daily Cash External on Payment DateReport Samples
Version 11.4 Build 2 - June 27, 2011
Automated UpgradeUpgrading
Updated RDM ServerDatabase and Environment
CV11 Server OptionsDatabase and Environment
Local ProtocolBatch Processing
SQL Insert RecordsOpen Database Connectivity
Variable InterestFinancials
Authorization Code for UDP ProtocolAuto Dialer
TCN Scrub Cell Phone CallsTCN Service
TCN Scrub by ZIPTCN Service
Version 11.3 Build 11 - May 12, 2011
Create Copy on RepeatContact Management
Client Letter ContactsClient Management
Print to Email MetafilesAccount Management
Note Block SearchReport Writer
Enhanced SSL EncryptionWeb Host
Version 11.3 Build 10 - March 10, 2011
Clear All TagsWorking Accounts
Prompt Once for InputPrinting Batch Letters
Minutes Interval for Scheduler TasksTask Scheduler
Version 11.3 Build 9 - February 3, 2011
Commission to DateFinancials
Only Payments for Comm to DateFinancials
Generate on CommissionFinancials
Internal Transaction TypeFinancials
Import and Export Multiple Contact PlansSystem Management
Batch Email and SMS in SchedulerScheduler
First and Middle Names in ReportsReport Writer
Don't Prompt on File OverwriteReport Writer
UDP Redirect Dialer Plug-inAuto Dialer
Web Predictive DialerPredictive Dialer
Version 11.3 Build 8 - September 21, 2010
Required Address FieldsScheduled Batch Letters
Time Zone DisplayAccount Management
Run Plan on No PhonesAccount Management
Account Holder in Debtor DetailAccount Management
Archive Accounts in SchedulerAccount Management
Scheduler Tasks Default FileDatabase and Environment
Auto Dialer Non-TAPI Plug-inAuto Dialer
PNG Image SupportReport Writer / Environment
Uppercase Operator ID ReportWidgets
Version 11.3 Build 7 - July 21, 2010
Schedule If User LevelAccount Management
Log On First EntryAccount Management
HST Tax Update ReportFinancials
Daily Simple Interest to CSVReport Writer
All Operator Comms By Selected DateReport Writer
Version 11.3 Build 6 - June 4, 2010
Advanced Sorting in ReportsReport Writer
If Statements with @IncludeReport Writer
Show PasswordsOperator Security
Cascade Phone Deletions Account Matching
eBureau Update Debtor from AttachmenteBureau Service
eBureau Advanced Phone UpdateseBureau Service
Dynamic CSV Import IndexingImport/Export
Multi Character Field DelimitersImport/Export
Batch Letters in SchedulerBatch Processing
Letter Service in SchedulerLetter Service
Maintenance in SchedulerDatabase and Environment
Delete Chain UtilityMaintenance
Client Access Web Data ExportWidgets
Version 11.3 Build 5 - March 9, 2010
Run Plan on Last Payment DateAccount Management
Allow All Users to DeleteOperator Security
Create MetafileAccount Management
Disable MetafilesAccount Management
Update Debtor InformationeBureau Service
TCN Recorded Call PathAccount Management
Automatic Client UpdateDatabase and Environment
Interoffice TransfersImport/Export
New WidgetsCollect! Member Center
Version 11.3 Build 4 - January 13, 2010
Billing Tree ServiceFinancials
Quick SearchAccount Management
Flex ScreenDatabase and Environment
Copy Operator ConfigurationSecurity
Field Level Editor AccessSecurity
SoftphoneAuto Dialer
Do Not Run on Closed DebtorsBatch Processing
Print Summary on Last PageBatch Processing
View Client ButtonAccount Management
EFT NoticesReport Writer
TCN Call IDAccount Management
Version 11.3 Build 3 - October 21, 2009
GoLiveSMS Send Text MessageAccount Management
Process TCN Campaign in SchedulerAccount Management
Variable Interest Financials
Contact Sub-planBatch Processing
DV Scan for Collect! Account Management
New Widget - TCNMember Center
New Widget - Dv ScanMember Center
Performance BenchmarkDatabase and Environment
Version 11.3 Build 2 - June 12, 2009
Time ManagementSystem Management
Numerics Only SSN FieldAccount Management
Run Plans on ChangesContact Management
Edit MemberAccount Management
TCN ServiceAccount Management
Web Host Message HTML PagesWeb Host
Database Transfers ImportNew Widgets
Version 11.3 Build 1 - March 20, 2009
Updated CV11 ServerDatabase and Environment
Updated CV11 Admin ToolDatabase and Environment
Debtor ScoreAccount Management
Send User DatabaseSystem Management
Launch Database Admin ToolSystem Management
eBureau ServiceAccount Management
Import Map Specifications ReportNew Widgets
Updated Global Connect EDI PackageElectronic Data Interchange
Updated TCN EDI PackageElectronic Data Interchange
Version 11.2 Build 17 - January 30, 2009
Save File FormatsImport/Export
Load File FormatsImport/Export
Restrict Editor CROperator Security
Restrict Editor CharactersOperator Security
Write Delinquency DateReport Writer
Collect! Quick Tour Training Videos
Version 11.2 Build 16 - October 3, 2008
ODBC SyncOpen Database Connectivity
ODBC Event TypeOpen Database Connectivity
Enable Keys SQLOpen Database Connectivity
Enable ODBC Debug LoggingDatabase and Environment
Collector's PledgeDatabase and Environment
Download WidgetsMembers' Special Features
Select Posted or Payment DateReport Writer
Set Commission and Tax Rates and SwitchesAccount Management
Reassign Contacts for Group OperatorsAccount Management
Post-Dated ChecksAccount Management
CBR Pull SampleAccount Management
Report SamplesReport Writer
Version 11.2 Build 15 - July 4, 2008
Dynamic Attachments EnhancedAccount Management
Prevent Cascade When ClosedAccount Management
Auto Log Out After CommandDatabase and Environment
Group Member RenumberingAccount Management
Send Reports and Imports Via FTPDatabase and Environment
Professional Account LimitsAccount Management
You've Got Claims Import LibraryImport/Export
Version 11.2 Build 14 - May 31, 2008
Dynamic AttachmentsAccount Management
Browse Attached DocumentsAccount Management
Validate Date EntryAccount Management
Disable PrintingOperator Security
Browse for File PathReport Writer
Subject Line in EmailsReport Writer
Control Key MacroDisplay and Handling
Web Host InterfaceWeb Host
Send Help Page Feedback to ComtechHelp Documentation
Version 11.2 Build 13 - April 22, 2008
Recent Debtor ListAccount Management
Numerics Only Phone FieldsAccount Management
Set Time ZoneAccount Management
Strip Check DigitReport Writer
New EDIsImport/Export
Version 11.2 Build 12 - March 20, 2008
New Collect! IconsDatabase and Environment
File Name with Date/Time StampReport Writer
Operator GroupSecurity
Client Listed DateAccount Management
Version CheckSystem Management
SMS Default DomainReports and Printing
Version 11.2 Build 11 - February 11, 2008
New Collect! Splash ScreenDatabase and Environment
Group IDOperator Management
Next Contacts Based on FilterContact Management
Schedule Next Contact DetailsContact Management
Force Feed Contacts Sort OrderContact Management
New Percentage FieldsReport Writer
Tax and Commission Switches for TransactionsReport Writer
New Check DigitReport Writer
SMS EmailAccount Management
Record TotalsDatabase and Environment
Detect Operating SystemDatabase and Environment
Version 11.2 Build 9 - December 11, 2007
Deny Multiple Sign OnSecurity
What is my IP AddressDatabase and Environment
Check Digit 2097Report Writer
Update NCOA from FileLetter Service
Version 11.2 Build 8 - November 15, 2007
Search and Replace with Wild CardsAccount Management
You've Got Claims ReportsReport Writer
Interoffice Data Transfers Import/Export
Ignore Operator Security SettingSecurity
Batch and Lock IntervalsDatabase and Environment
Lock Timeout Database and Environment
Version 11.2 Build 5 - September 12, 2007
Search and ReplaceAccount Management
Include Plan ContactsContact Management
New Scheduler TasksSystem Management
UID MaintenanceDatabase and Environment
Export DatabaseDatabase and Environment
RDM Server StatisticsDatabase and Environment
Version 11.2 Build 4 - July 25, 2007
Combined StatementFinancials
Operator Security by Client #Account Security
Operator Locked Out by DefaultAccount Security
Browse Find By Enabled for Client OwnershipAccount Security
Electronic PaymentsFinancials
Header/Footer ButtonsReport Writer
Tax/Commission ValuesReport Writer
Instant Operator MessagingEnvironment
New Help MenuHelp System
New Scheduler TasksSystem Management
Scheduler in Tools MenuSystem Management
Optimized Lock RequestsDatabase and Environment
Optimized SignonDatabase and Environment
Web Host Session MemoryWeb Host
Load Debtors Across All ClientsImport/Export
Revised Sample ReportsReport Writer
Demonstration LicenseMembership Services
Request LicenseMembership Services

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