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New Features - 11-5 Build 2

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.5 Build 2. This latest version has several new features and functionality, as well as several optimizations and enhancements to existing features.

Max Intervals For Promises

Promise Contacts can now use the Max Intervals field. Previously this field was hidden on the Contact form when the Type was Promise. Now it is available for use with repeating Promises. You can now schedule a series of Promise payments that does not fully pay off the debt. Collect! will mark the Promise Contact as Done when the Interval reaches zero.

Max Intervals will also work with the Copy on Repeat switch, the Advance Overpayments switch, and contact plans that schedule repeating Promise contacts.

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Apply To Client Accounts

This new switch in the Operator Security form will apply account access control to Clients as well as Debtors according to the Operator's Security settings. Operators with this switch ON will only be able to Browse the Client or Clients in the hierarchy they have access to. This enhancement enables complete control over both Client and Debtor account access at the Operator level.

Please refer to Help topic, Account Access Control for more information.

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Batchoff/Batchon Command

A new command in the Report Writer enables you to control batch fetching in a particular report. Nested loop conditions might fail in certain reports due to batch fetching interference, especially when outer/inner loops share the same record type. To prevent this, batch fetching may be temporarily disabled with the new @batchoff command. This is only necessary in very particular cases where nested loops are causing the Report Writer to fail. @batchoff switches OFF batch fetching and @batchon switches it back ON.

Batch fetching will automatically reset to its default position, ON, whenever a new report is printed.

Please refer to Help topic, How To Print a List of Records for more information.

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Restrict To Cosigner Only

A new Letter Service check box is now available in the Report and Printer Setup form. "Restrict to cosigner only" enables you to limit printing to Cosigners so that only Cosigner records with Class "Cosigner" will be processed in your Letter Service file. When the switch is OFF, the functionality is the same as it always was, with all Cosigner records being processed in the Letter Service file.

Please refer to Help Topic, Report and Printer Setup for details.

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Billing Tree Password/PIN Settings

Added new Password/PIN fields to the Billing Tree ACH Payments Setup and Credit Card Setup. When the Password/PIN is entered in the setup screen, Collect! will no longer prompt for a password when a User initiates a Billing Tree transaction. This enables you to restrict your Billing Tree connection information for security reasons. User Levels 1, 10 and 99 will continue to display the Password/PIN prompt with the Password/PIN filled in. All other levels will no longer display the Password/PIN prompt, if it is entered into the appropriate setup screen.

The passwords are stored encrypted in the collect.cfg file using base 64 encoding.

Please refer to Help topics, ACH Setup and Credit Card Setup for details.

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New Add-Ons

Set Simple Interest by State

The Set Simple Interest by State package sets Simple Interest on a Monthly Basis based on the Debtor Charged Date and the State of the Debtor. You will find it in the Contact Plan directory. The interest rate used is the interest rate that each state is allowed to charge on Collections.

tip.gif This plan is a guideline only and MUST be reviewed before implementing. The rates used are as of January 1, 2012. Comtech Systems Inc. does not accept any responsibility for outdated interest rates.

Download Set Simple Interest by State

Add Spaces to Notes During Importing

Collect!'s Dynamic CSV Import Indexing makes it easy to format incoming text data for Notes. This package contains a sample file and import map to show you how this is done. The import map loads some data from the data source file and also adds text using "Default Values" in the import field specifications. A layout HTML file is included for quick reference.

This Add-On Import works with CV11.3.6 and newer.

Download Add Spaces to Notes During Importing

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New Report Samples

Check Withdrawal Letter

This letter may be sent to a Debtor to notify them of the next withdrawal from their bank account. The letter contains the bank account information, amount and date of the agreed upon withdrawal. It finds the Debtor's earliest post-dated Transaction with no Posted Date. To comply with EFT notification requirements, the letter may be scheduled with a contact plan when the Transaction is posted.

View Check Withdrawal Letter

State/Province Payment Breakdown

This is a modified version of the internal Daily Cash report. The report prompts for a Date Range and Debtor State or Province. Totals for Debtor and Client Payments are calculated along with Commissions and Deposits. This new report may be used for government trust compliance reporting.

View State/Province Payment Breakdown

Promise Forecast by Client

This report will prompt for a Client to evaluate and a Date Range to include in the report. It will go through the Client's Debtors tallying the Promise Entries that fall within the given Date Range. Then the report outputs the Total Owing, the Total Promised within the Date Range and the Total Commission on the Promised amounts. Promised and Commission are read from the Promise Entries for the Account.

View Promise Forecast by Client

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Upgrading Topics for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

tip.gif If you are upgrading from Version 11.3 build 11 or earlier, you must do a complete database upgrade to this version.

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