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New Features - 11-5 Build 3

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.5 Build 3. This latest version has several new features and functionality, as well as several optimizations and enhancements to existing features.

Custom Timezone In WIP List

The Timezone Column in the WIP List will now consider a custom pick list attached to the Client or the Debtor Timezone field. Values displayed in the Timezone column will be whatever is displayed on the Client or the Debtor.

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Report Prompt With Variable String

When a report is run, you can now use a variable or a field value when presenting a prompt to the end user This is very useful if you need to ask the end user for different input the same report, depending on other criteria. For example, you may want to tell the end user to enter a Date, perhaps Listed Date if one set of criteria is met, or Delinquency Date if another set is met. Previously you could only use a literal string when displaying the prompt, such as, "Please enter the Date." Now when the report is run, it can evaluate and display "Please enter the Delinquency Date" in one case, and "Please enter the Listed Date" in another case. This is just one small example. The possibilities are endless!

Please refer to Help topic, Prompt for Data in a Report

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Export External Libraries

When exporting the full database, the user will now be asked if they want to export the external reports and impexes.

When upgrading, new devices will be created to accommodate them. The prefix on the alternate library names, x00 or r00 may change if there are already alternate libraries on the server containing the destination database.

After upgrading, normal maintenance will be performed on them as well. This includes rebuilding optional keys, printable information lists and import field definitions.

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Web Dialer Send File Number

A new command line argument /w2file has been implemented for passing the Debtor File Number in Web Predictive Dialer, instead of the Phone Number.

Users will be able to pop Collect! by File Number. If phone numbers appear multiple times in the database, often for different debtors, this new setting enables you to know exactly which account the dialer has called. Enabling the dialer to send a file number results in the correct Debtor screen displayed to the collector.

Please refer to Help Topic, Web Predictive Dialer for details.

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Web Host File Upload

The Web Host is now able to process uploaded files. The Web Host is able to receive a file and place it in the appropriate Debtor attachment folder, using the supplied record type name and the File Number. The user must have a valid session cookie which is obtained by logging in.

tip.gif This functionality is available upon request for custom Web Host development.

Please refer to Help topic, Editing Web Host Samples for more information.

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New Report Samples

Client Hierarchy Check

This new Check report will print a single check for multiple invoices where the Client Owned By is identical. The report prompts for the Client Number of the "Owned By" Client and a Date Range to include in the report.

View Client Hierarchy Check

Client Hierarchy Net Statement

This new Statement report will print a single Statement using Owned by Client to list multiple statements in one comprehensive statement. The report prompts for the Client Number of the "Owned By" Client and a Date Range to include in the report.

View Client Hierarchy Net Statement

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Upgrading Topics for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

tip.gif If you are upgrading from Version 11.3 build 11 or earlier, you must do a complete database upgrade to this version.

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