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Import Debtor

The Debtor Record Type is used to import data to the Debtor form in Collect!. The Debtor form stores personal and financial information for your accounts.

Select the Debtor Record Type to view the list of Debtor fields that may be referenced during the import routine.

View Debtor Fields

Included with the Debtor information are Contacts, Attachments, Transactions, Debtor Cosigners and Notes. Your import routine can also load these related records when you import your debtor information.

Any Debtors just imported will be tagged. Select Browse from the top menu bar and then select All Debtors. When the Debtor list is displayed, select Edit from the top menu bar and then select View Tags to see only those records just imported.

View Field Lists

Click on the links to view tables of Field Types for the specific Record Types that Import/Export processes. These tables give additional information, such as the exact fields and forms in Collect! referenced by each field type, the type of data in the field, and the size of each field.

View Accumulator Fields

View Attachment Fields

View Client Fields

View Client Attachment Fields

View Client Contact Fields

View Contact Fields

View Debtor Fields

View Debtor Cosigner Fields

View Notes Fields

View Payment Fields

View Transaction Fields

View Phone Fields

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