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Import Contact

The Contact Record Type is used to create a Contact during the import process. The Contact form is used for working accounts. It defines actions to perform on accounts on specific dates. You can use information from the data source, or create a Contact based on defaults that you set in the import map's Import Record Definition for the Contact.

tip.gif To attach the Contact to a Debtor, use the Contact Record Type. Use the Client Contact Record Type to attach a Contact to a Client.

Select the Contact Record Type to view a list of all Contact fields that may be referenced in an import routine.

View Contact Fields

View Field Lists

Click on the links to view tables of Field Types for the specific Record Types that Import/Export processes. These tables give additional information, such as the exact fields and forms in Collect! referenced by each field type, the type of data in the field, and the size of each field.

View Accumulator Fields

View Attachment Fields

View Client Fields

View Client Attachment Fields

View Client Contact Fields

View Contact Fields

View Debtor Fields

View Debtor Cosigner Fields

View Notes Fields

View Payment Fields

View Transaction Fields

View Phone Fields

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