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Scheduling A Call Campaign

This topic gives detailed steps for using Collect!'s batch processing to schedule TCN call campaigns.

tip.gif TCN Campaign processing requires that you have set up an account with TCN and that you have entered the login credentials as issued to you by TCN Broadcasting to access their service.

TCN Setup

tip.gif The TCN Module is an add-on functionality. Contact Administration at 250-391-0466 option 3 for pricing options.

Scheduling A Call Campaign

1. Ensure that the TCN report that you want to use is written with the correct logic to extract the accounts you want to dial and filters out anything you need to exclude.

2. Click "Tools\ Batch Processing".

4. Click the radio button beside " Process TCN Campaign", then click the Next button.

Process TCN Campaign

3. Select the option "Schedule Calls" when the TCN Select Function popup appears.

Select Schedule Calls

Click the Next button to continue. The TCN Schedule Calls popup is displayed.

TCN Schedule Calls

4. Select the Date and Time Range for your call campaign.

5. Select the Dial order.

First Number
This setting dials ONLY the first number even if you send all 4 available phone fields.

Natural Order
This setting dials Home, then POE#, then Cell, then Other.

This setting dials in the custom order you set up at the TCN site. You cannot change this custom setting from within Collect!. It must be set at the TCN site.

6. Set your Timezone. This field fills with the default set up in the TCN Setup screen.

7. Select the Import Template Number. The pick list will display the available templates preconfigured for you to choose from already on the TCN website. These match the TCN reports in Collect! and are named the same on both sides to help you make the right choice.

Home#/ZIP - Home Phone Number

Home#,POE#,Cell#,Other#/ZIP - All 4 Phone fields

Home#,Poe#,Cell#,Other#/All Data - 4 Phone fields and additional account information such as Owing, Charged and Worked.

8. Select the Schedule Template Number. This field sets your messaging preferences for the call campaign. The pick list fills automatically with the available choices. Your selection depends on personal preference and any setup you have already in place at the TCN website. Many options are available for customizing this when you set up your account with TCN.

9. Select the Report from your list of Report Definitions. There are 3 defaults and they match the Templates at the TCN website. Please be sure to pick the TCN report that matches what you have selected for the Import Template Number.

10. Switch ON "Scrub cell phone calls" with a check mark if you wish to enable this options for the campaign you are scheduling.

tip.gif You must have cell phone scrubbing activated in your TCN account as configured by your TCN Broadcasting representative to enable this service.

11. Press the Next button to continue.

tip.gif If you have entered invalid data in any of the fields, or leave any of them blank, you will be prompted to fill in correct information.

Invalid Information Entered

12. Click the Start button when the TCN Start Process screen appears.

TCN Start Process

Collect! will upload all the account information automatically to the TCN website, with the runtime parameters you indicated.

13. When the process has completed successfully, Collect! returns the Task ID assigned to this batch. You can use this when processing results later on. It will also be displayed for you in the list of Tasks when you are execute the download to obtain your call results report.

Schedule Calls Complete Message

Please refer to Help topic, Processing Results from Call Campaigns for more details.

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Selecting Accounts To Process

There are several ways that you can select accounts to dial in your call campaigns.

1. Default TCN reports shipped with Collect!.

Collect! ships with 3 default TCN reports that you can use to select your accounts to process. These reports select on the basis of the account status being set to "TCN".

2. Customized TCN reports created for your needs.

You can create ( or have Comtech create ) customized TCN reports using criteria that you need. For example, you can create a custom select process to include or exclude on defined criteria such as status, balance (minimum or min/max range), list date range, new business only/aged business only, small balance only, portfolio specific for collection teams etc. Provided that your data has the populated fields to use as search/comparison points, then call campaigns can be created by workplan strategy design.

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TCN processes are tracked in Collect!'s Application Log in the "Batch" section. The Log Viewer is accessible via the menu path of \System\ Diagnostics\Application Log. Switch ON "Batch" to view TCN log entries, such as Task IDs, dates, and TCN events.

tip.gif Information which is logged via "Enable debug logging" will be logged in the "Debug" section of the Application Log. Debug logging is enabled in the TCN Setup screen.

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