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The Diagnostics Menu enables you to view Collect!'s Application log, as well as the Credit Bureau log and additional system information. This provides a wealth of information for troubleshooting and documenting procedures.

Information is provided as follows:

* Credit Bureau Log
* Application Log
* Db Currency
* Db Stack
* Db Statistics
* Window Stack
* What Is My Internet Address
* Memory Gauge

Credit Bureau Log

Select this option to view the cbrlog.txt. This log records all pertinent details when you run your credit report. Results of the reporting procedure are displayed. These include the number of files processed, the total money value and the number of errors encountered.

If you encounter warnings or errors while running your credit bureau report, be sure to check this file for more information. Each warning or error displays the File Number of the account so that you may visit it to correct errors or deal with warnings.

After viewing the log, you will be prompted to clear it. Only select YES if you are ready to erase the entire contents of the log.

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Application Log

Select this option to open the Collect! Log Viewer where all logged system operations may be viewed. This is a comprehensive utility that enables you to examine system messages and error messages for diagnosing and tracking events. Types of events logged include operator activity, batch processes, record deletions, anomalies in normal operations, report printing, and data importing. Many choices exist for viewing the available information.

Please refer to Help topic, Collect! Log Viewer for details.

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Db Currency

This function displays the current record and all access paths to that record. It also displays the database addresses of the related records.

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Db Stack

This function displays the currently open forms, the database address of each record in the stack, the record lock holder, and the form operating mode and status.

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Db Statistics

Select this to open the RDM Server Statistics form where you can view the full content of a call to gather statistics from the CV11 Server. You can refresh the statistics by selecting the REFRESH button.

tip.gif Db Statistics are used primarily by the Technical Services Team to benchmark server performance.

The statistics that are displayed refer to the current state of the RDM Server and the EXM (Extension module).

Please refer to Help topic, RDM Server Statistics for more information.

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Window Stack

This function displays a list of currently open windows.

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What Is My Internet Address

This option enables you to fetch your external IP address. Collect! accesses the web site,, and then displays the IP Address fetched by the site.

tip.gif While Collect! attempts to fetch the IP Address, a dialog will be displayed. Success results in the IP Address being displayed. Failure to obtain the IP due to a network issue or firewall will result in a message indicating failure.

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Memory Gauge

This command displays the current state of memory allocation within Collect!.

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