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Process TCN Campaign In Scheduler

Schedule Calls (create and send your campaign list uploads to TCN) and Download Report (retrieve your campaign call result download file from TCN) at times that are convenient to you using Collect!'s Scheduler Module. All the functionality available through the Process TCN Call Campaign option in "Tools\Batch Processing" is available in the Scheduler as well.

TCN Scheduler Tasks

tip.gif The Scheduler is a licensed add-on module. Contact Administration at 250-391-0466 option 3 for pricing details.

TCN Scheduler tasks are configured similarly to other tasks in the Scheduler.

Schedule Call Campaign Task

1. If you already have a Scheduler up and running on your Server, you must make your additions to the scheduled tasks list from that station. It is best to be sure before you take down the Scheduler Server window that there are not any tasks ready to launch in the few moments it will take you to make the addition to the list of scheduled items. To stop a running Scheduler, click anywhere in the body of the Scheduler window. You are now ready to add a New task.

We recommend that the Scheduler server session be set up and left to run 24/7 on your actual network server PC because that session has less likelihood of being accidentally closed down than if it was up and running on a regular workstation PC.

Click "Tools\Scheduler" from the top menu drop down choices.

Tools Scheduler Option

2. Click into the Scheduler Tasks sub-window and then click the New button to create a task.

New Scheduler Task

A new Scheduler Task screen will open.

3. Select Process TCN Campaign from the Task pick-list.

Process TCN Campaign Task

4. You will see that the Configuration is reading "Not ready." This means that you have to put in additional settings. Click the Configure button.

Select Configure to Set Up the TCN Task

5. You will see the same choices that the familiar batch process gives when choosing the TCN function you wish to schedule.

TCN Select Function

Click the radio button for the Schedule Calls function and click Next.

6. You will see the setup and configuration popup for the Schedule Calls function.

TCN Schedule Calls

7. When you have entered your settings, click the Next button. You will see the usual Schedule TCN Calls popup. Enter the rest of your selection details, clicking Next until you are back at the Scheduler Tasks setup screen. Input a Date and Time for the task to start running. You may also give your task an ID and Priority if you have a great many tasks in your Scheduler in overlapping cycles and due times. The Priority will subsort the tasks so that the higher priority items are launched and completed first.

If the same selections are to run on a repeating schedule, enter your Interval as well at this time. If you will be utilizing different reports to create your call campaigns, you will want to set up a fresh Scheduler Task each time. In this case, use select "One time only" from the drop-down menu of Interval options.

When you click OK to indicate you have completed the entry, you will be back at the Scheduler screen.

TCN Schedule Calls Task

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Schedule Download Report Task

The process for scheduling the Download Report is a similar to creating the call campaign list for upload. Begin the same way, clicking New to enter a new Task into the Scheduler list.

1. Perform all steps as above until step 5. Select the Download Report function.

TCN Download Report

2. You will see the setup and configuration popup for the Download Report function.

You have two choices:

i) If you select a Task ID, the Scheduler will process only the Task you select.

TCN Download Report with Task ID

ii). If you select a Date Range and leave the Task ID blank, the Scheduler will process all tasks within the date range.

TCN Download Report with Date Range

In the example above, there were two call campaigns on the selected Date, so both of them will be processed.

Task IDs Returned for Date Range

3. When you have entered your settings, click the Next button. You will see your TCN task. Enter the rest of the details, selecting a Date and Time for the task to run. You can also give your task an ID and Priority.

TCN Download Report Task

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Start The Scheduler

Once you have completed your setup, you will see your tasks in the Scheduler Task list.

TCN Scheduler Tasks

This step is critical. If you do not click the Start Scheduler button to restart the Scheduler, none of the tasks will process.

With a view to not having to reload all your tasks again if there is a power outage or some other reason that the Scheduler Server session was inadvertently shut down, Save your configuration so that when you restart the Scheduler session the next time, you can simply Load your last configuration file.

When you click Save, you will receive a Windows File Explorer popup asking where to do want to save the file and for a filename. The default will be to the "CV11\bin" folder. The file will be saved with the file extension ".sch".

At the appointed times, your tasks will run. You can review the results just as you would if you had run the tasks through the batch processing function.

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You must ensure that you have set up your TCN login credentials in the TCN Setup screen before you attempt to configure a Scheduler Task for TCN.

TCN Setup Needed

If you see this prompt, select "System\ Preferences\TCN Setup" to enter the credentials provided to you by your TCN representative.

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