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Operator Sample - Collector Operator

This sample shows a Collector Operator setup. A Collector Operator would need only limited access to many parts of Collect!. For example, a Collector Operator would have no need to print invoices or run batch processes. The effect of the settings shown on the Operator form in this sample are explained in further detail below.

Collector Operator

The Operator Name is the user's Alias, the name that may be printed on letters and reports. The Operator Actual Name is not printed on any sample letters or reports.

This user's Operator Title, Junior Collector, is currently printed as the signature on many of the sample reports. The Phone Number and Email Address may also be used for reports and letters. The Private Phone is not used in any forms or letter samples.

This user has been assigned a Commission Rate of 2.0%. Collect! can calculate this operator's flat commission rate of 2% for any transaction posted with his Operator ID where a commission is set to be calculated.

The Operator Type has been set to COLLECTOR which takes the user to their Work in Progress form when they sign into Collect! as operator JC.

Collector Operator JC's WIP List

Collector Operator Details

In the Operator Detail tab:

The Messaging is set to NORMAL. This means Collect! will prompt twice for most important functions, such as deleting forms.

Printing is set to DEVICE CONTEXT. In other words, Collect! will use printer driver information when sending report jobs to the printer.

The Automatic Recalc switch tells Collect! to automatically recalc any Active debtor when the account is opened.

The Notes color field is set to LT. AMBER. Any notes lines visible when looking at a debtor will be displayed in this light amber color for note lines with this operator's ID stamp (JC). The Notes color is visible before opening the Debtor Notes.

Debtor Form with Notes Color for Collector Operator JC

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Collector Operator Security

In the Operator Security tab:

Collector Operator Security Settings

The User Level 60 has been assigned. This greatly restricts what this operator can access in Collect!. Notice that for this user level, most fields on the Debtor form displayed above, are greyed out. The user may view the contents of these fields but cannot change them.

The Allow Browser Signon check mark enables this user to access Collect! through the Internet, or through a browser.

tip.gif There are many other settings in Operator Security that relate to passwords, to account access control and to special Web Host settings. Press F1 for details about these fields.

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