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How To Copy Operators To Master Database

This document explains how to copy an Operator setting from your Demonstration database to your Masterdb database.


The Demonstration database in Collect! contains many sample Operator settings. You may wish to use several of these in your Masterdb database.

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Copy Operators

To copy Operator settings from your Demonstration database to your Masterdb database, open the Demodb database, then do the following.

1. At the Main Menu, pull down the System menu and choose Rights, Operators.

2. From the list that is displayed, use the arrow keys to locate and highlight the Operator you would like to copy.

tip.gif To copy multiple Operators, use the arrow keys to highlight each item and press the spacebar. The item will appear yellow as you tag it and blue when you move off of it. To deselect an item, return to it using the arrow keys and press the spacebar again.

3. Pull down the Edit menu, and choose Copy. You will be notified that your Operator(s) has been copied to the Clipboard.

4. Click OK to close the Operators list. Choose Quit at the Main Menu to exit from your Demodb database.

5. At the Welcome to Collect! screen, switch to your Masterdb database. The Database to Open field will now display "MASTERDB."

6. Sign into Collect! in the Masterdb database.

7. Pull down the System menu and choose Rights, Operators.

8. With the list of Operators displayed, pull down the Edit menu and choose Paste.

9. Check the Operator(s) you copied to make sure it has all the settings from the original.

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Select A Whole List

If you want to select a whole list to copy, click in the list to activate it and press CTRL+A. The whole list will appear blue. Follow all other instructions as given above.

tip.gif To deselect all selections or a whole list, pull down the Edit menu and choose Clear Tags. All the blue highlights will disappear.

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