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Operator Samples

Sample settings for the various types of operators you can use with Collect! are explained in more detail through the links on this page. The Operator has many very special features and functions that can make Collect! work for you in nicely organized ways. Check out the various samples linked to this page to familiarize yourself with possibilities that can help you use Operators efficiently.

Select a link below to view details and sample settings for each type of operator.

Operator Sample - System Operator
The System Operator is used to grant access to virtually everything in Collect!

Operator Sample - Collector Operator
The Collector Operator is used to give collectors the limited access they need to perform their work in Collect!

Operator Sample - Dialer Operator
The Dialer Operator is used to allow an operator to wait for a predictive dialer connection to be returned to Collect!

Operator Sample - Client Operator
The Client Operator is used to allow a client to access Collect! to view their debtor accounts.

Operator Sample - Desk Or Task Operator
The Desk or Task Operator is used for assigning specific tasks or procedures to a particular "desk."

Operator Sample - Account Toss Operator
The Account Toss Operator is used to assign multiple accounts to many operators using batch processing.

Operator Sample - Sales Team Operator
The Sales Team Operator is used to divide commissions among several operators.

Operator Sample - Access Team Operator
The Access Team Operator is used to create security groups. Any member of this team, or any access teams within this team, will be allowed to view accounts that have been designated as restricted for other operators.

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