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New Features - 11-1 Build 5

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.1 Build 5. This latest version has many new features and functionality. There are also many optimizations and enhancements to existing features.

Use Transaction Type Settings

Two new switches in the Import Options enable you to fine-tune how Collect! handles financial data from the incoming data stream. When you import data, you can apply transaction type settings before you bring in the data and then use the incoming data to update the transaction. Or you can bring in your data and then apply the transaction type settings afterward.

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Quick Database Troubleshooting

New utility shipped with Collect! may be run from the CV11\bin folder during normal use of Collect!. Puts Collect! into hot backup mode and checks all database set relationships, includes catalog database. Quickly and easily points out any areas where maintenance is required. Used for troubleshooting. Then a targeted FIX can be run only where required. Saves time and speeds up database fixes since you only need to fix areas that are corrupted, not the whole database.

Please refer to Help topic, Dbanalyze Utility for more information.

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Disable Auto IP Detection

This new RDM Server (rds.exe) switch disables auto IP detection and disables auto resetting of the connect.ini "Host" setting.

C:\CV11\bin\rds.exe -noipdetect

This is useful for people with multiple IP addresses where the server detects the wrong IP address due to multiple network interfaces.

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New Postal Barcodes

Two new postal barcodes have been added to the @Barcode command in the report writer. Barcode 128A and 128C may be printed using 6 and 7 respectively in the @Barcode command.


@Barcode(6, @de.zi,100,100)
Uses the Debtor's Zip Code to print the 128A alphanumeric barcode.

@Barcode(7, @de.zi,100,100)
Users the Debtor's Zip Code to print the 128C double density numeric barcode.

Please refer to Help topic, How To Print Barcodes for details.

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Enable Shared WIP List

A new switch 'Enable Shared WIP List" has been added to the WIP Options form. Shared WIP List behavior is only in effect when this switch is ON.

Please refer to Help topic, Shared WIP Processor for details.

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Enhancements were made to Financials, Report Writer, WIP Options, Display and Handling, Access Rights, Batch Processing, Import/Export, Web Host, Database Troubleshooting, and Network and Environment.

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Introduction To Collect! Version 11 for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

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