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New Features - 11-1 Build 6

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.1 Build 6. This latest version has many new features and functionality. There are also many optimizations and enhancements to existing features.

Entrepreneur Edition Licensing

Collect! presents the Entrepreneur Edition designed to fit the needs of small credit and collection companies. You enjoy all the power and functionality of Collect!, but you pay only for the volume of business you expect to handle. As your company grows, you can step up simply by purchasing a license that allows you to enter more accounts and add additional users.

Please refer to Help Topic, Collect! Entrepreneur for details.

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Archiving enables you to store your inactive accounts in a separate database. When you archive accounts, the separation is transparent to the user. All accounts are visible in one database view. Now the benefits of archiving are available to every user. When you get your next license, this feature will be enabled at no extra cost to you.

Please refer to Help Topic, Working with Archived Accounts for details.

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Statement From And To

The Statement From and To fields now display the date range for the statement. This enables you to quickly determine the range of transactions included in any statement you are viewing. Existing statements will not show the range. This change will only take place when statements are generated.

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Web Host Packet Logging

Collect! now has a way to troubleshoot Web Host behavior when packets are sent and received. When you use Collect! with the /whl argument, a text file will be generated in the CV11\bin folder named "webhostpacketlog.txt." This is for advanced developer troubleshooting. It may be used to reproduce HTTP headers and payload content. This is very useful for troubleshooting XML Data Pump. SSL encrypted sessions may also be logged. The log is written to after Collect! decrypts the packet.

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Import/Export Log Skipped Record

New Import functionality enhances logging skipped data to file. Previously the switch 'Skip if matching found' was a necessary condition for logging skipped data. Now whatever the reason, any skipped lines in the incoming file will be logged. This will handle cases where 'Inhibit autocreate' is switched ON, for instance. So if you switch ON 'Log skipped record to file', Collect! will do so whenever a line is skipped during the import.

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NCOA Updates

The NCOA Update utility now records any previous value in the Debtor's Notes. Previous addresses or phone numbers will be recorded in the notes for your account history whenever you Import NCOA.

NCOA will handle the phone number separately from an address for a specific debtor. Existing phone numbers will only be overwritten if a new one has been returned. Old phone numbers will be written to Debtor's notes for account history.

If NCOA returns a blank address, Collect! will uncheck the Address OK switch and write "No address found via NCOA" to Debtor's notes. Existing information will be left in place on the account.

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Enhancements were made to Financials, Report Writer, Display and Handling, Batch Processing, Import/Export, Web Host, Network and Environment.

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Introduction To Collect! Version 11 for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

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