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New Features - 11-1 Build 4

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.1 Build 4. This latest version has many new features and functionality. There are also many optimizations and enhancements to existing features.

Send Log Files Via FTP

The Send Database Via FTP utility now enables you to send Collect! Log Files to Technical Services. These logs contain system messages and error messages for diagnosing and tracking events. Please refer to Collect! Log Viewer for details about log files.

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Shared WIP Processing

Collect! Work in Progress functionality has been revamped to make it easier for users who share WIP lists. Quickly move on to the next contact if the WIP you try to access is in use. This saves time and keystrokes and can greatly enhance your workers' efficiency.

Please refer to Help topic, Shared WIP Processor for details.

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Import Client Attachments

Client attachments can now be exported and imported. Attachment file paths use the Client Number instead of the Debtor File number for naming client attachments.

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Customizing All Field Names

Writing Alias Files enables you to update all field and form names easily in a convenient CSV file. Then you can import the entire list and update all your field and form aliases at once. With very little effort, you can customize Collect! for any language!

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Not Equals Where Clause

You can now create WHERE clauses to filter out a range of records. The new command is

WHERE (a != b .. c)

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Enhancements were made to Financials, Report Writer, WIP Options, Display and Handling, Access Rights, Batch Processing, Multicurrency, Import/Export, Web Host, Database Export, Database Error Handling, Network and Environment

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Introduction To Collect! Version 11 for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

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