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Contact Basics

The Contact form is the heart of Collect!'s contact management.

The Contact form is used to define contacts and other actions scheduled to occur on specific dates. Several different types of contacts may be scheduled. The Contact form displays fields and pick lists for all the possible settings that you can choose.

Schedule letters, phone calls, emails, and file reviews. Change Debtor Status, execute a revolving promise payment, post transactions, write notes to the Debtor record, or make one or more changes to a Debtor record. Activate or close an account, assign accounts to an operator, set a commission rate or plan. You can even cause a contact plan to be executed on some future date. Contacts can be scheduled to occur on certain dates. You can set the number of days delay before a contact appears in an operator's Work In Progress (WIP) List. You can also schedule contacts for other operators and they will appear in the operators' WIP Lists on the date and time you specify in the contact.

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Contact form

Accessing Contact

The Contact form may be accessed in many ways. Providing you have access to the various menus and forms, you can use one of the following ways to get to the Contact form.

1. From the Main Menu, select the Work in Progress button to display the Work In Progress form. Contacts assigned will display in the To Do list on the lower half of this form.

2. Using the menu bar at the top of Collect! select Browse to display the drop-down menu. Select Contacts from this menu and the list of contacts will appear.

3. Using the methods listed in Accessing Debtor, open a Debtor form. With the Debtor form on the screen, simply select the CONTACTS tab to display the Contacts list for this debtor.

4. From any Day sheet, you can select the button labeled Contacts to view the list of contacts with a scheduled due date of the appropriate day.

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