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Introduction To Printing/Scheduling Letters

Letters may be printed and scheduled in several ways.

Whenever a letter is printed to printer, Collect! automatically writes a line to the Debtor's Notes and marks the Letter contact 'Done'. This provides an excellent "paper trail" and immediate details of printed letters.

Print A Letter From The Debtor

The simplest way to print a letter is to view an account and select the Print icon from the top toolbar. This will bring up a list of reports and letters that may be printed from the Debtor form. Select the letter that you want to print and print it immediately.

When you print the letter, a note line is written to the debtor's Notes. A Letter contact is created and marked 'Done' for the debtor. This provides account history.

Please refer to How To Print Debtor Letters.

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Queue A Letter

If you are currently going to accounts to print letters and you would like to schedule these letters to be printed in your daily batch, then being familiar with creating letter contacts is necessary. This is explained in How to Schedule A Letter Contact.

Once letters have been scheduled for a few accounts, they may be printed in a batch as described in Scheduled Batch Letters.

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Print Or Queue A Letter Automatically

When you are comfortable with manually scheduling letter contacts and you want to schedule letter contacts easier, we move on to learning contact plans.

Contact plans schedule one or more contacts for an account at the same time. Please refer to Contact Plan Basics if you are unfamiliar with this process.

There are several steps to creating a contact plan. You may be able to use samples that ship with the Demonstration database. If you want to modify them or create your own plans, please refer to How To Design New Contact Plans. This is quite an extensive tutorial, but it steps you through creating your own plans.

Once you have created or modified your plan, test it on one debtor first. If you are satisfied that the plan works as you expect, then proceed with trying it through a batch process to schedule letter contacts for many accounts at once.

Please refer to Using Contact Plans For Batch Letters.

tip.gif It is strongly recommended that you test contact plans and batch processes in your DEMODB database to understand the process and what occurs before trying this on your live data.

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Print Your Letter Batch

After letters have been scheduled on several accounts, they may be processed in several ways.

tip.gif Letter printing may also be scheduled for off hours using Collect!'s Scheduler. Please refer to Print Batch Letters in Scheduler for details.

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