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Data Entry Topics

This selection of topics is intended to help you get started with Data Entry in Collect!.


Data Entry Introduction
This introductory topic gives you some important tips as you begin to enter data into your Collect! system.

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Entering New Accounts

How To Enter A New Client
This is the first step when entering new business into your system.

How To Enter A New Debtor
Once you have your Clients entered, then you can enter your Debtor information.

How To Schedule A Letter Contact
Schedule a Letter to print at a future date or in a daily batch.

How To Schedule A Review Contact
Schedule a Review for the account operator's To Do List

How To Schedule A Phone Contact
Schedule a Phone call for the account operator's To Do List

Account Matching During Data Entry
This topic shows how to match accounts when entering new accounts in Collect!.

How To Group Debtors
This topic shows how to group accounts that you want to keep together.

Web Data Entry
This topic introduces you to entering and updating data from your Internet browser using Collect!'s Web Host.

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Working With Forms And Fields

How To Use Dialogs in Collect!
This topic shows you many features and functions that apply to most forms and screens in Collect!

How To Use Pick Lists
Choices can be attached to any field, making data entry each and less prone to error.

Keyboard Tips
All the key combinations and shortcuts you can use to edit text and navigate in forms and fields are shown in this topic.

Edit Fields
Shows key combinations applied to editing fields.

Edit Forms
Shows key combinations and function keys applied to editing forms.

How To Search For Records
Explains using Search Criteria to find records in your database.

How To Use The Attachment Form
Storing additional information about your accounts is easily accomplished by using the Attachment Tab.

How To Change Tab Order
Explains how to change the tab order in any form in Collect!

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Printing Letters

How To Print Debtor Letters
Debtor letters may be printed in several ways as outlined in this topic.

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How To Post A Transaction
This document steps through the process of posting a Transaction in Collect!.

How to Post a Debtor Payment
This document introduces you to basics that apply to every payment that you post in Collect!.

Introduction To Promises
What is a Promise? Promises may easily be managed in Collect! using a Promise contact.

Taking A Promised Payment - Quick Tour
This is a quick tour of the steps involved when you set up a Promise on an account.

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