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How To - Database Maintenance Topics

How To Maintain Your Database
Maintaining your database using Collect!'s internal maintenance options.

Database Maintenance - External
Maintaining your database using fix, rebuild and check utilities run from the Command Prompt.

Database Maintenance in Scheduler
You can use Collect!'s Scheduler to run your maintenance functions off hours. The Scheduler automatically logs users off if necessary before beginning the maintenance routines.

Dbanalyze Utility
Quickly check your database without making anyone sign out of Collect!. This utility puts Collect! into hot backup mode and checks all registered devices. Results are output to files in the CV11\catalog folder.

UID Maintenance
Run the UID Check utility to check the integrity of the Unique Identifiers for all your database records. You can specify particular devices and record types or check all devices at once. UID integrity is critical for many system functions. This topic also explains how this might become compromised.

How To Reindex Individual Fields
Reindex only what you need, not your whole database.

Data and Key Files in the Collect! Database
Links to a table showing all the contents of data and key files in Collect! This is useful for rebuilding individual indices.

Performance Benchmark
This utility tests your PC performance. It does not touch the Collect! database, but is included here in case you get reports of " Collect! is slow." Performance Benchmark with help you get to the real cause of downgraded performance.

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