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How To Post A Debtor Payment

When a debtor makes a payment to your agency or to your client, we post a Payment transaction to the debtor's account. There are several ways to do this. The most direct way is from the Debtor form. The steps are covered in this document. We will post a check payment, as an example.

The steps are:

  1. Open the Debtor form where you want to post the payment.

  2. Create a Payment transaction and enter the details.

  3. Examine the Debtor to make sure the new financials are correct.

The rest of this document walks you through these steps.

Open The Debtor Form

1. Start Collect! and sign in as you would normally. Select Browse from the top menu bar and then select All Debtors from the drop-down choices. The list of all debtors will display.

2. Begin typing the name of the debtor you wish to post the payment to. As you type, Collect! will take you through the list and stop at the closest match.

3. Click on the debtor, or if the debtor is highlighted, just press Enter or F5 to open the Debtor form. The debtor you selected should be displayed.

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Create A Payment Transaction

1. Select the TRANSACTIONS tab to post the payment. If there are no transactions for this debtor, you will be prompted to enter a new one. Select the YES button to create a new transaction.

tip.gif If the TRANSACTIONS tab is lit up, this quickly informs you that there are existing transactions posted to this debtor. When you select the TRANSACTIONS tab, you will see a list of all transactions posted to this debtor. Press F3. You should now have an empty Transaction form on your screen.

2. Press F2 to display the Transaction Type list.

3. Select Type 101, Payment by Check. Once the Type 101 is selected, a lot of information is entered automatically.

4. Fill in the payment amount in the field labeled To Us if the payment was made to the agency, or in the field labeled Direct if the payment went to directly to the client. The payment is entered as a POSITIVE amount. This reduces the debtor's Owing. Press F8 or the OK button to save the transaction. You will be returned to the Transaction list showing you the newly posted transaction.

5. Select OK to return to the Debtor form.

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Examine The Debtor

Inspect the money fields on the Debtor form to make sure the results are correct.

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These steps work for whatever type of payment you wish to post. Collect! ships with several sample Payment transaction types in the Demonstration database.

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