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How To - Get Help Topics

Getting Help quickly and efficiently can be greatly enhanced by reliably providing us with the full scope of what we need in order to assess your situation and provide assistance and/or solution.

1. ONLY individuals whom you have identified to us in writing on your list of Authorized Contacts should be calling or emailing Technical Services.

2. The contacting party should have available/include in their email as many details as possible regarding the issue: such as screenshots, precise sequence of events a user had performed when they experienced the issue, an exported copy of the report/import map/ contact plan etc. that is at the root of the inquiry and attach the same to the email being directed to support@collect.org.

We often receive voicemails and emails with requests that are too general, such as "I need help". Our team needs to be able to triage requests so that tickets may be assigned to the best suited technician and urgencies may follow a standardized order of service.

3. Authorized Contacts should refrain from attempting to contact a technician directly at their 'personal' company email addresses or phone extensions because these do not auto-create a Support ticket. All calls should be directed to the general Technical Services line at 250-391-0466 option 2 OR email support@collect.org. Our mainline, general
voicemail and Ticket system are always being monitored by multiple technicians.

The following topics are offered to assist you in gathering the information before calling/emailing, affording us the ability to serve you faster and cost effectively.

How To Isolate Your Problem Area

How To Get Help With Reports

How To Get Help With Contact Plans

How To Get Help With Import/Export

How To Get Help With Credit Bureau Reporting

How To Get Help With Letter Service

How To Get Help With Network Problems

How To Get Help When You Get System Db Error Messages

Product Support

How To Create A Screenshot

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