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How To - Database Topics

This page contains links to topics for managing your Collect! databases.

Working With Databases

How To Empty A Database
Explains how to clear all data out of a database so that you can use it to test an import.

Creating A New Database
Explains how to create a new database that you can use for your own particular needs, or as a test environment.

Exporting Selected Clients and Records
This procedure exports selected Clients and records from a CV11 database to a series of ASCII text and import files. These files can be used to upgrade into a new CV11 database.

Delete A Database
Explains how to delete a database from your CV11 system. This should not be used to delete the default databases that ship with Collect! but you can use it to delete a database that you have created.

Working With Archived Accounts
Explains how to move inactive accounts out of your working database into the archive database. Archived records are still available for viewing and may easily be restored to the active database.

Send Database Via FTP
Steps to prepare your database and upload it to Collect!'s FTP site.

Database Record Sizes
Sizes of the data records in Collect!

Record Totals
This utility displays database record totals for Collect!'s record types. Client, Debtor, Transaction, Contact, Attachment, and Cosigner totals are displayed.

Database Maintenance Topics
Topics related specifically to maintaining your Collect! database.

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Server Topics

How To Move Collect! To A New Server
Moving your entire Collect! installation to a new server.

CV11 Server Options
Explains how to configure an additional entry in your connect.ini so that you can sign into Collect! using LOCAL protocol for speed, or open multiple Collect! systems from the same machine for administrative purposes.

Automatic Client Update
You can automatically update your CV11Client installations whenever your Server CV11 is upgraded. This topic explains the CVSYNC process.

How To Shut Down RDM Server
Command line script to shut down RDM Server.

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CV11 Admin Tool

Launch Database Admin Tool
Explains the options available when you open the CV11 Admin Tool from this Network and Environment menu option.

Using CV11 Admin - Database Administration
Explains how to use the CV11 Admin Tool to examine and work with Collect! database devices and tables.

Using CV11 Admin - User Accounts
Explains how to use the CV11 Admin Tool to examine and work with Collect! user accounts.

Moving Trlog and Syslog Files
Explains how to use the CV11 Admin Tool to change device paths for more efficient management of these database log files.

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RDM Server Reference Guides
Technical reference guides for all aspects of using RDM Server and SQL.

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