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How To Use Pick Lists

This document discusses how to use a pick list.

Pick lists show predefined options for any field, keeping typing consistent and reducing errors. You can use your keyboard or the mouse to select a pick list value. Display the pick list with F2, then use the arrow keys, Page Up/Down keys, and the Home and End keys to navigate through the choices in the list.

tip.gif A down arrow at the right side of a field in Collect! indicates that a pick list is attached to the field.

To pick an item in the list:

1. Tab into the field or left-click in it with your mouse.

2. Press F2 or select the down arrow to display the list of choices. You may not see all the available choices when the list displays. Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to view all the choices.

2. Left-select the option you want or press Enter when it is highlighted. This will put your choice in the field.

3. Press the Esc key on your keyboard to close the list without making a choice.


1. Move your cursor into the field.

2. Type a letter of the alphabet and the first choice that starts with that letter will be displayed in the field. Type the letter again to continue scrolling through choices starting with that letter.

Entering A Choice Not In The List

A blank option lets you enter custom information. Just type your choice into the blank line in the pick list and it will display in the field.

tip.gif When you type in a value, it must be the correct data type. Each field expects a certain type of data. For instance, a number field expects you to enter numbers.

When a pick list is created, it is possible to make the list display textual choices for user convenience even when the field is actually a number. Then, the field will display in a user-friendly way but the database will store the actual value, such as 01, 02, 03, etc. Please see How To Modify Or Create A Pick List for more information.

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