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How To - Installation Topics

Introduction to Installation
Tips and guidelines for installing Collect!

Install Collect! for The First Time
Steps you through a first time installation of Collect!

Install Collect! More Than Once
If you are installing a new version of Collect!, to explore new features for instance, points to consider are addressed.

Basic Networking For Using Collect!
Configure your server and workstations for a multi- user setup. This is the fastest way to set up your clients and easiest to maintain. Ideal for most sites.

Installing the CV11 Client
Install the CV11 Client program. Another way to access Collect! from your workstations. A few more steps and a little more work to maintain, but helpful for increased security or offsite workstations.

About Collect!
Version, build and location of your Collect! installation.

CV11 Server Hard Disk Configuration
Discusses recommended server hard disk configurations.

CV11 Admin Tool
Using the RDM Server Administrator to manage your CV11 Server, user and database configurations.

How To Move Collect! To A New Server
Moving your entire Collect! installation to a new server.

Troubleshooting Installation
Tips for specific installation issues you might encounter.

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