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How To Schedule A Review Contact

This document deals with scheduling a Review Contact.

You may want to schedule a review of this account. Through the Contact form, you can schedule a review and assign it to a particular Operator.


- Setup Operators

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As an Operator, when you are viewing an account, you can schedule an event to occur regarding this account. These events are called Contacts and there are many different kinds of them to deal with all sorts of interactions you may have with a debtor. Some very common examples are a letter, a review, a promise to pay, and a phone call.

From the Contact form, press F1 to see a complete description of each of the types of contacts you can schedule. This help gives you information about the Contact form itself, as well. The Contact form is very flexible and displays different information depending on the type of Contact you schedule.

tip.gif We will not go into details that are contained in the help available from the Contact form. If an area of the form or details about a type of Contact are unclear to you, please press F1 from the Contact form.

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Contact Form

1. Pull down the Browse menu and choose All Debtors.

2. Select a Debtor from the list, clicking on it to open the Debtor form.

3. Locate the Contacts tab.

4. Select the Contacts tab to open the list of contacts made for this account.

5. Click the New button at the bottom of this form or press F3 to open a new Contact form.

6. Press F1 to view information about this form. Pay special attention to the Types of Contacts.

tip.gif The Contact form is automatically filled out with Debtor information for the account you are on.

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Entering Information

1. Click in the Type field to view the list of Contact types. Choose 'Review' from the list.

tip.gif Use the PageUp or PageDown key to view the whole list.

2. You may enter a description in the Description field or a short note.

3. If you have more information about this account, you can add it in an attachment.

To do this:

4. Click one of the buttons in the Attachment field to open an Attachment or create a new one. This attachment can be a note that you write or a file that you store. Press F1 for details and look for the subheading "Attachment".

5. Fill out other fields as needed. If you want to assign this review to another Operator's WIP List, click in the Collector field to see the list of operators you can choose from.

5. Press F8 to save this Contact and return to the Debtor form.

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