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SMS Email Setup

The SMS Email Setup form lets you specify the Phone number fields that hold the mobile phone numbers for Collect! to use when SMS is enabled.

SMS (Short Message Service) is available on most digital mobile phones that permit the sending of short messages. When sending emails in Collect!, you can set up your system to transmit messages to a specific phone number for a Client, Debtor or Cosigner using the SMS Email feature.

You can send meeting reminders, payment notifications, and status reports to Clients, Debtors or Cosigners as mobile phone SMS (Short Message Service) text messages.

Accessing SMS Email Setup

To access the SMS Email Setup form, select Print from the top menu bar and then select Settings from the drop-down choices. Select the SMS EMAIL SETUP button to open this form.

SMS Email Setup form

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Output Reports To SMS Email

When the report output destination is "Email," an additional field becomes visible where you can switch ON 'Use SMS'.

tip.gif The Print Report form displays when you are ready to print any letter, or letter batch. Along the left hand side you will see the report output destinations.

Print Report with SMS Enabled

When you switch ON 'Use SMS', this will display a 'Domain' field. Collect! grabs the phone number from the field specified in the SMS Email Setup form, appends the @ symbol and the Domain entry and sends the email via SMS.


With 'Use SMS' enabled, in the Email TO field was created from a phone number 123-456-7890 fetched from the database and a domain ''. If the provider can parse this phone number, the message in the Email Notification will appear in the recipient's Message Inbox when your system sends this email.

tip.gif SMS Email in Collect! requires the use of an SMS Gateway. The feature fetches the phone number and redirects all to relay through the SMS Gateway named in the 'Domain' field.

If you do not specify any phone numbers to use, Collect! will default to normal Email functioning, even when 'Use SMS' is switched ON. This enables you to send a single message to both email and SMS text message recipients.

warning.gif WARNING: Please be aware that using SMS may result in charges being incurred by recipients. This depends on their contracts with their mobile phone providers. Ensure that you understand the legal implications in your area.

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Set Up A Report For SMS

You can also configure Report Options to send a particular report to Email and SMS when it is printed, either manually or in your daily letter batch.

When the Report Options "Destination" is set to "Email" an additional field becomes visible, a check box labeled "Use SMS." When you switch this ON with a check mark, you can type a Domain Name into the "File Name" field. If you leave the "File Name" field blank, Collect! will use the Default Domain Name set in the SMS Email Setup form.

Use SMS for Email with Domain Name

You can print the report manually, or through your daily letter batch, or through the Scheduler. Collect! will use the settings you have configured to email the report using SMS.

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Select the Phone field on the Client form where the phone number is stored for SMS Email communications. The default choices are Home, Work, Cell and Other.

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Select the Phone field on the Debtor form where the phone number is stored for SMS Email communications. The default choices are Home, Work, Cell and Other.

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Debtor Cosigner

Select the Phone field on the Debtor Cosigner form where the phone number is stored for SMS Email communications. The default choices are Home, Work, Cell and Other.

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Default Domain Name

Use this field to enter the domain name of your SMS gateway. Collect! will use this address when you print SMS email and will automatically fill the Domain name when you print using SMS. You can override this domain during printing, if needed, by typing in a different domain when the Print Report dialog is displayed. You can also set a Domain Name in any specific report set up to print to Email using SMS, as described elsewhere in this topic.

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Select this button for help on the SMS Email Setup form and related topics.

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Select this button to ignore any changes you have made and return to the previous form.

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Select this button to save any changes you have made and return to the previous form.

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Troubleshooting SMS Email

Even if the Debtor, Client or Cosigner does not have an entry in their Email field, SMS Email will continue to function if phone numbers are set up to use.

Errors will be logged under Report in the Application Log.

tip.gif It is best to ask your provider whether to use the country code or the local number when sending SMS messages. Most countries require the 10 local digit number. First try entering your regular number including your city area code. If that doesn't work, add your country code to the 10 digits.

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