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Collect! Entrepreneur

Collect! Entrepreneur Edition is designed to fit the needs of small credit and collection companies. You enjoy all the power and functionality of Collect!, but you pay only for the volume of business you expect to handle. As your company grows, you can step up simply by purchasing a license that allows you to enter more accounts and add additional users.

Optional components enable you to use Auto Dialer, Letter Service, Integrated Client Management and Predefined Import/Export.


Collect! Entrepreneur ships with three registered databases for your use. Each of your databases may contain up to 500, 1000, or 2500 accounts, depending on your billing option.

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Number Of Accounts

You can purchase a license for 500, 1000 or 2500 accounts. Old accounts may be archived and there is no limit to the number of accounts you can archive.

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Archiving enables you to store your inactive accounts in a separate database. The separation is transparent to the user. All accounts are visible in one database view. However, archived accounts cannot be edited unless they are restored to the active database. You can archive your old records to free up space in your active database for more accounts.

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Number Of Users

Each additional user requires that you purchase a license. You can have up to five users working in your database.

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Auto Dialer

The optional Auto Dialer can dial your phone for you automatically when you move on to an account while working your WIP list. You can also dial by double-clicking a phone number.

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Letter Service

The optional Letter Service enables you to outsource your letters to an external service provider. This is a very cost-effective way to handle letter printing, mailing services, and NCOA processing.

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The optional Import/Export lets you quickly and accurately load large numbers of accounts into Collect!. The Predefined Import/Export has four predefined import routines, enabling you to bring in Clients, Debtors, Transactions and Attachments.

If you wish to purchase the full Import/Export module, this allows you to modify existing import maps or create your own.

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Integrated Client Management

Integrated Client Management enables you to work your clients right from your working database. Notes, Contacts, and Attachments can be stored on Client records to help you schedule and keep track of communication with your clients. Run contact plans, schedule letters, and load a WIP list of Client contacts to work. You can also import and export Client Notes, Client Contacts, Client Attachments and Client Payments if you are licensed for Collect!'s optional Import/Export module.

Collect!'s Client Management module is included in every Collect! Version 11.4.3 system and newer, and upon request for older Version 11 systems.

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Step Up To Professional

When your business expands to the limit of Collect! Entrepreneur, you can simply step up to Collect! Professional through licensing. You won't need to install new software and there is no interruption to your business. Collect! Professional permits unlimited accounts and users and offers additional add-on components, as well, if you require them, including Web Host.

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