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Integrated Client Management

Collect!'s Integrated Client Management component is structured to provide functionality like that which exists for the Debtor records.

You have the ability to:

  • Schedule contacts and assign them to a specific user such as an inside Salesperson or Admin employee.
  • Enter Notes in a dedicated Note Tab that will include a date/time stamp, user ID and the noteline content. This function is extremely useful as a storage spot for important Client emails. Copy and paste text into Collect! so that there is a central repository of Client information instead of the having individuals who are responsible for Client email folders.
  • Run Client specific Contact Plans.
  • Create Client report and letter batches which may be output in the same process manner as that for Debtors.
  • Create Client Attachment windows to house important documents and contracts.
  • Import/Export Client related data, provided you have licensed the import/export module for your site.

The Client Management module is included with current shipping versions of Collect!. If you are operating version CV11.4.2 or lower, contact us for upgrade options.

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