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Training Manual - Section B - Office Managers

This section contains topics that cover day-to-day Operations Management. If you do not have an Operations Manager, then this section is recommended reading to your designated System Administrator(s). There is also important content for Accounting Managers/Comptrollers, Data Entry Personnel and Collections Management personnel.

The manual covers topics that will serve as ongoing reference in the learning of, and normal course usage of Collect!.

It is important to fully attend to the setup of Collect! prior to allowing your employees to begin using it. This is because there are several key functionality choices that will impact program behavior that need to be made in advance if you are to obtain the desired types of results, output and function.

Operator Setup

How To Setup Operators
How To Set Field Or Form Properties
How To Report Collector Commissions
Making Changes To Access Rights

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Working With Clients

How To Enter A New Client
How To Setup Client Settings
How To Make Client Payments

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Working With Debtors

How To Setup Debtors
Matching Accounts
How To Setup Account Matching
How To Group Debtors
Group Member Setup
Debtor Cosigner
Debtor Detail
Debtor Status
Management Topics

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Financials And Monthend

Payment Plan
Financial Detail
How To Post A Transaction
How to Post a Debtor Payment
How To Generate And Print Statements
Month End Process
Troubleshooting Month End
Introduction to Printing Checks
How To Create A New Commission Rate Plan
How To Post Legal Fees
How To Manage Promised Payments
Accounting Topics

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Printing Reports

How To Print A Sample Report Or Letter
How To Use Quick Printing Features
Print Settings
How To Get Help With Reports
How To Print Daily Reports Or Letters
How To Print Statements - Reports - Letters

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Contacts And WIP List

Action Codes
How To Manage Contacts
Contacts Versus Contact Plans
How To Use Contact Plans
How To Setup The WIP List
Reload Work In Progress List
WIP Reload Filters
WIP Options
Operator Group
Managing Work Queue By Time Zone

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Batch Processing

Batch Processing
How To Use Batch Processing
Scheduled Batch Letters
Batch Processing Topics

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Reporting To Credit Bureau

How To Report Credit
How To Setup Credit Bureau Reporting
How To Run A Credit Bureau Report
How To Get Help With Credit Bureau Reporting

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Letter Service

How To Use Letter Service

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Help Pages

Using Help
Using Popup Help
How To Use The Index For Help

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How To Isolate Your Problem Area

tip.gif For the faster approach and shorter learning curve, contact us for pricing to have one of our training specialists conduct subject specific Remote Session training live with your staff. Video the session for future use and enhance your dollars spent to value extracted ratio.

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