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How To Use The Help Menu

Select the Help menu and press F1. You will see a help page about all the different subjects listed in the pull down menu.

For your convenience, they are listed below:

Help Menu

At the top of the Collect! screen you will see Help as a menu choice. There are many sub-topics listed in this menu to assist you in learning about Collect! and using it to your best advantage.

Contents takes you to the Help Contents page.

Starting Right takes you to the Starting Right Help page.

Quick User's Guide takes you to a convenient user's guide that steps through all the basic navigation, functions and features.

How To displays a list of all the How To topics in the Help Index.

Keyboard Tips shows you all the keyboard key combinations and shortcut keys that can be used for entering and editing data and navigating through screens and fields.

Index displays the Help Index, an alphabetical directory of all topics in the Help system.

Disable popup help allows you to Disable or Enable the Popup help feature. We recommend that you leave Popup help enabled while you are learning the system as the popups will show you details about the feature your mouse is hovering over, if you have not moved it for a few seconds. It is both context and motion sensitive. If you stop moving your mouse and seem to be hovering over any field or menu item, you will receive a popup window with information about what your mouse is poised over. When you become more familiar with the system, you can disable popup help in your Operator Setup screen by checking the "Disable popup help" switch in Operator Setup screen located along the menu path of \System\ Rights\Operator. Select your Operator ID and enter the Detail Tab to find the switch to completely disable the Popup Help feature.

Member Services takes you to Collect!'s Member Center where you can login to the Support Member Center and take advantage of many features and free downloads available for our Supported clientele.

Training Videos takes you directly to the Training area of Collect!'s Member Center where you can select from a wide variety of tutorials in FLASH video format.

Report Library takes you directly to the Member Center Report Library where you can view samples and download from a wide selection of reports.

3rd Party EDI takes you directly to the Member Center Electronic Data Interchanges area where you can view details about various available EDI scenario types as well as download import map packages.

Upgrade Software takes you directly to the Member Center Downloads area where you can obtain the latest version of Collect!, and view the latest new features and revisions. Free feature update patches are available to our clientele who have purchased annual Technical Support. Unsupported clients may contact us for information regarding Support agreements or pricing to purchase updates/upgrades.

tip.gif Upgrades to higher version numbers are purchase only for all clientele. Example: if you are a Supported client on CV11.2.11, you may patch up through all the feature years to CV11.6.2.3 at no additional cost. If you are a Supported client on CV8 and wish to upgrade to the latest version 11, this is a purchase. Any version upgrading to CV12 is a purchase. Supported clients receive attractive discounts on version upgrades..

Renew Membership takes you directly to the Collect! website where you may renew your membership. This option is only displayed if you currently own a license to Collect!.

Order Now takes you directly to the Collect! website where you may purchase a license. This option is only displayed if you do not currently own a license.

About displays information about the Collect! program. This is useful for troubleshooting. You see your complete, current operating version number. This number is comprised of the version, build and feature number extensions. Example: CV11.6.2.3 is a full version number. You also see the file path to your Collect! program/data file folder. Displayed as well are the access mode, and the IP Address of the Server computer. Your Member ID - your client number with our office - is displayed along with other general user information.

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