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Upgrade Database

The Upgrade Database menu option will start the process to upgrade an existing database. Select File from the top menu bar and then select Upgrade Database. The Upgrade Collect! Database dialog is displayed so that you may select the database to upgrade. This function requires an export folder created by previously exporting the database you intend to upgrade.

Please refer to the exporting topic for the version of Collect! you are upgrading from.

Exporting Your CV11 Database - if you are upgrading a CV11 database to a newer version of CV11.

Exporting Your CV10 Database - if you are upgrading a CV10 database to CV11.

Exporting Your CV8 Database - if you are upgrading a CV8 database to CV11.

When the Upgrade Collect! Database dialog is displayed, navigate to the directory of the database you wish to upgrade and double-click the export folder. You will see several folders and the datcolle.imp file. Select the datcolle.imp file and then select the OPEN button to begin the upgrade process.

You can only access the Upgrade Database command when you are NOT signed into a database.

Upgrade Into Database

Press the SELECT button to view the database devices that are available to upgrade into. Your choice will be displayed in this box.

tip.gif If you want to create a brand new database to upgrade into, select the NEW button when the list of databases is displayed and enter a name for your new database device. This option is only available with a CV11 Corporate license.

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Location Of Database To Upgrade

Enter the complete path to the datcolle.imp file in the export folder of the database that you wish to upgrade. You may select the BROWSE button to locate the folder and file.

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Select this button to navigate to the export folder of the database you wish to upgrade. Select the datcolle.imp if you are upgrading from CV8/10 or the collect.exp if you are upgrading from an earlier version 11. The complete path will be displayed in the 'Location of database to upgrade' field.

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Archive Closed Accounts

Switch this ON to archive old accounts not worked since the date displayed in the 'Not worked since' field.

tip.gif Please be aware that Archiving is an Add-on module. If you do wish to archive accounts during the upgrade, you must upgrade into a Collect! system that is already licensed for Archiving. To review which options you are licensed for, select REVIEW OPTIONS in the License Information form.

tip.gif If you intend to archive accounts, you should ensure that all financials are finalized on the account. If you archive an account that has not been reported on a month end statement, the financial information will not be included when you generate your statements.

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Not Worked Since

Enter the date to consider as the cut-off for archiving closed accounts.

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Auto-Update Client Addresses

When you switch this ON, two choices become visible. These are the options for updating your Client Address fields. In version 11, there is no Address 3 line. You can either add the data in that line to Address 2 or parse it out to fill in the City, State and ZIP fields.

tip.gif Reports that output Client information will be updated automatically to match your selection. So this function should only be used ONCE, when you upgrade from version 8 or 10 to version 11. Users upgrading from earlier versions of CV11 should not need this feature.

tip.gif If you do not wish to do this during the upgrade, or you are not sure you need it, you can use the utility in Tools, Utilities, Update Client Addresses, if needed, after you have upgraded and have had a chance to examine your Clients and try out reports.

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Update City/State/ZIP

Select this to parse out any data in the incoming Client Address 3 fields. The data will be entered into the City, State and ZIP fields in the Client form.

tip.gif Reports that output Client information will be updated automatically to match your selection.

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Update Address Lines

Select this to add any data in the incoming Client Address 3 field to the Address 2 field. After the upgrade, the Client form Address 2 field will be the Address 2 and Address 3 data concatenated. Alternatively, you can select 'Update city/state/zip' to parse out the Address 3 data and fill in the City, State and ZIP fields in the Client form.

tip.gif Reports that output Client information will be updated automatically to match your selection.

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Create Phone Records

Select this option to create a Phone record for each Debtor phone number as your accounts are upgraded into Collect!.

tip.gif This function adds at least 1hour to your upgrading time for each 1 million debtors in your system. You may want to wait until after you have upgraded. You can run the utility from the Tools menu after you have upgraded. Please refer to Help topic, Update Phone Records for details.

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Upgrade External Impex Databases

Switch this ON to upgrade all external import maps in Collect!'s Import folder.

tip.gif These impexes must be exported as part of the process to prepare for the upgrade. Select YES during the export when asked if you want to export external impexes. Only *.dat files in Collect!'s Import folder are considered.

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Move Letters And Attach Folders

Switch this ON to move letters and attachment folders rather than copying them. This makes the upgrade process faster but it removes the folders from your old database.

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Select this button to ignore any changes you have made and return to the previous form.

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Start The Upgrade

Select START THE UPGRADE to upgrade the database you have selected, using the settings you have chosen.

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