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License Information

Use this form for a number of reasons:

* License your newly purchased Collect! system.
* License a newly purchased User to a Collect! Multi-User system.
* License a newly purchased feature to add to your Collect! system.
* License your system when purchasing Collect! on Comtech's payment plan.
* Review the options you are licensed for.
* Verify your license date and licensed users information.

The License Information form displays information regarding the details of your current software license registration. From this form, you can enter your license, or review the options that you are licensed for.

License Information form

tip.gif Please refer to License Information Basics for steps to access this form.

With your Collect! purchase you receive:




Collect! is the easiest to use full-featured collection software available in the world today. Many companies are also purchasing Collect! to use for their own credit management needs. Collect! is the most flexible and modifiable credit and collections management program on the market. In fact, we use Collect! in-house for our own Contact management and billing functions. It's fast, easy to use, and extremely flexible and powerful.

Membership is offered on an annual basis and provides a subscription to software updates during the year. Members also enjoy reduced rates on additional seats purchased, and special discounts on utilities and options available during the year.

All members also have full access to all training videos, custom reports, and EDI packages through our Member Center, a Members Only section of the Collect! web site.

If consulting or technical assistance is required, Members are entitled to a significant reduction in hourly Time & Services packages.

Purchasing Time & Services enables users to submit a ticket to Technical Services through our Member Center Support Portal, OR, by emailing Our qualified Technicians are available for all consulting and technical requests submitted through our ticket system.

To increase the number of stations that can use Collect! or to add any new features to your Collect! system, simply call us for a license code, typically given to you on the same business day.

If you are on a Payment Plan, a license will be automatically faxed to you a few days in advance of your License expiry. If after some time, you begin to notice a field in the Welcome To Collect! screen displaying "License Remaining", you will know how many days you have until your license expires.

tip.gif When you have 0 days left, you usually have a 14 days grace period left.

If you have not received your license in time, please call or fax and advise us of our error. We will get a code to you as quickly as possible. You may also select the REQUEST LICENSE button when Collect! informs you that your license needs to be renewed.

To obtain a license code for Collect! call or fax the numbers listed below a few days before your license expires. Normally we fax a license to you on the same business day as you order the license.

Email Sales .....

Voice ..... (250) 391-0466
Fax ..... (250) 474-2622
Sales ..... (800) 661-6722
Web .....


This field displays your Company name, the name that you register Collect! with. This name is taken from a dialog that prompts for your Company Name any time you enter a new license code. You can only change this name when you enter a new license code. If you ever need to change the Company name, you would need to get a new license code from Comtech Systems Inc.

Do not mix up this Company name and your Company Details Company Name. The Company Details Company Name can be modified as you wish. However, changing the Company Name in the Company Details does not change the Company name that accompanies the license code.

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Issued To

This field displays your Issued To name, the personal name that you register Collect! with. This name is taken from a dialog that prompts for your name any time that you enter a new license code. You can only change this when you enter a new license code. If you ever need to change the Issued To name, you would have to get a new license code from Comtech Systems Inc.

Do not mix this name up with your Company Details Representative Name. The Company Details Representative Name can be changed. However, changing the Representative in the Company Details does not change the Issued To name that accompanies the license code.

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This field displays the text Demo or Station 1. In future, it will be used to record and uniquely identify specific workstations signed into Collect!

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License ID

This field displays your unique License ID number. This number is always a 5 digit number. You cannot change this as Collect! places the License ID derived from the License number Comtech Systems Inc. authorizes you to use.

tip.gif It is a good policy to use this number as the password whenever you need to encrypt any files that Comtech Systems Inc. sends to you (or vice versa). Using this License ID as the password, we would never need to divulge a password over a non-secure line. Your unique License ID is registered with us upon the purchase of Collect!.

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Date Issued

This field displays the date that you entered your last license code. This date is calculated by Collect! the day that you enter your license code. You can not alter this date from this form.

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This field displays the number of Users you are currently licensed for. This information is taken from the license code you enter. This will only change if you enter a new license code to increase your number of Users.

A User is defined as a person or workstation that can sign into a Collect! database. If you need two workstations to sign into Collect! at the same time, then you would need a two User license. Even though you may have many computers in your network, you only license the number of users that need to sign into Collect! at the same time, i.e. the number of computers that sign into Collect! at the same time defines the number of users you need to be licensed for.

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Enter License

Select this button to bring up the Enter License prompt where you will enter the License Code sent to you by Comtech Systems.

Enter License Code prompt

Before entering the License Code, please make sure that your computer system date is the same date as the date the License Code is issued for. The date of your license code must match the date displayed in the prompt.

If you have entered the right code on the right day, the License Code will be accepted. You will be returned to the License Information form. You can immediately click on the Review Options button to see details of the Collect! features that are now activated on your Collect! system.

Please refer to How to Enter Your License for details about entering your license.

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Review Options

Select this button to open the Collect! Features form, where you can see which options you currently have access to. These options will be marked according to the most recent License Code entered in the system. You cannot activate options from the Collect! Features form. You can only verify what you are licensed for.

Please make sure that the options you have purchased are checked.

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Select this button to close the License Information form and return to the previous form.

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Select this button to close the License Information form and return to the previous form.

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Select this button for help on the License Information form and links to related topics.

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