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Update Phone Records

The Update Phone Records utility creates a Phone record for each of the Debtor phone numbers in your database. If a Phone record already exists for a given phone number, the Phone record is skipped, or updated if needed.

Update Phone Records

When running this utility, Collect! shows the Debtor and Phone number count. Collect! is actually creating the Phone records at this point in time for each Debtor processed.

Updating Debtor Phone Records

tip.gif If, for any reason, you should cancel the updating while it is running, Collect! has already created Phone records for the Debtors processed so far.

When the utility has completed, Collect! will let you know.

Phone Records Updated Successfully

If you are on a Debtor when you select Tools, Utilities, Update Phone Records, Collect! will update the Phone records for the Debtor you are viewing.

You can also tag a list of Debtors and run the Update Phone Records utility on the tagged list.


Select CONTINUE to update all of your Debtor accounts, creating a Phone record for each phone number, as needed. When the utility has completed, Collect! will let you know.

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Select CANCEL to close the Update Phone Records prompt and return to the previous screen.

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Select HELP for details about the Update Phone Records utility and links to related topics.

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