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Update Client Addresses

The Update Client Addresses utility is available through the Tools menu, Utilities option. This utility is meant to be used when you have upgraded to CV11 from an earlier version of Collect!, such as CV8 or CV10.

You should make a SNAPSHOT of your database before running this utility.

In CV11, the Client form has fields for City, State, and ZIP. If your client addresses are in the older format where all of this information was stored on one line, you can run the Update Client Addresses utility to parse the address and put the pieces of the address into the City, State and ZIP fields of the Client form.

tip.gif During this process, Collect! will prompt you to update your reports as well. You should select YES so that Collect! can convert reports to use the codes for City, State and ZIP in Client Addresses.

Alternatively, you can update your addresses to concatenate information on to the Address 2 line rather than parsing it out.

Please review your clients and test your reports after running the utility to make sure that you are happy with the results.

tip.gif In some instances, such as PO BOX addresses for example, Collect! may not parse the address as you would expect. Please examine results carefully after running this utility.


Select this choice to parse the data from Client Address 3 into City, State and ZIP lines in the Client form.

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Address Line

Select this choice to concatenate the data from Client Address 2 and Address 3 on to Client Address 2 in the Client form.

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Update Client Reports

When prompted to update your client reports, you can select YES to automatically substitute the new codes for City, State and ZIP into your existing reports.

tip.gif Be careful because this may change the address lines in many reports.

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Select this choice to cancel the process without making any changes to your Client address lines.

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App Log Entries

When Client addresses are updated to City/State/ZIP, using the Tools menu, Update Client Addresses option, the Client's File Number, City, State, ZIP, Address and Address 2 fields are written to the Collect! Application Log under the "Upgrade" category with priority "Info." Updates to existing reports are also noted in the "report" category.

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